Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Day

Hey really sorry, I've got to rush today... this week was alright, I had an exchange with a Latino for a day, that was wild. but I only taught with him for like two hours, because it was New Years Day and we spent most of the day with members. Two of the missionaries we were with were really slacking off. I felt terrible, so me and another elder went out to do contacts.

It was neither of our areas, but we still went out. even though we had slacked off most the day, we were blessed. We met this golden lady while we were knocking doors, and asked her to be baptized and she said yes! Her date is the 30th, too bad she isn't in my area hahaha. but we made sure she was in good hands.

We have met people with cool names like Macarena, Facundo, Zully, Fabiana, Jimena, and Zulma. crazy.

Love you, thanks for the emails. Barry

And... a hand written letter from November 12...

I went out tracting for 7 hours last Saturday, it was crazy. We talked to about 7 million people and a bunch of them flat-out rejected us. (even a guy with no shirt on, he was flabby too!). But we had a bunch of people listen too. We talked to these three guys, one of them was really drunk and kept yelling at us, but his friends were interested so I just preached over him. After his friends told him to shut up multiple times, he finally did, and I got my message out. His two friends both got Book of Mormons and we got hteir contact information and told them to go to church. It was amazing.

Elder Barry

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Dawn said...

I love it -- he's so excited. I tallied that out -- looks like a million contacts an hour!!