Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Area, New Companion 27 April 2010

L.P. is the bomb... there are three "mothers" in the area that we can go spend time with, one of them, P, washes our clothes, another one we picked grapes at her house. So, there are lots of wards here, real wards... Well, we have about 100 people come to ours every week... and it is such a large area that we have 4 missionaries in it. We get lunch from the members like every day, they all have their days of the month when they feed the missionaries, like so and so has every 12th and 28th, and its always that way. It's pretty cool, usually the four of us eat together. It's real weird to go from two elders over 2 branches to 4 over one ward.

The laundry... people usually have a washing machine, but no one has a dryer. I have only heard of one Guayan ever owning a dryer, I don´t think they even sell them here. So we have an hermana do it for us out of the goodness of her heart, the members here are so willing to help...

Yes Guay did make it into the world cup, but I don´t think they stand much of a chance, we´ll see... whenever the two big teams Peñarol and Nacional, play, everyone watches it, everyone. Contacting is sort of pointless during that time. I imagine that World Cup will be like trying to go tract on super bowl Sunday. I am so glad S did good in the play, not that I doubted it, but it's super exciting... wish I could watch... I will be there for his senior year when he has the lead though...

For mothers day I think that they said that you guys had to call this time, I will have details next week, I am way stoked. it feels like hardly any time has passed though.

The work here, no lies, is kind of rough. it's hard, because the last elders didn´t really leave us anything to work on, so we just tract a lot. It stinks because I stayed up until two doing that for the elders that took my spot. We found two old investigators, and we have found a few of our own, but everything else we are just talking to people like crazy, so things should start to pick up soon. And we have a couple kids who help us out a lot to find stuff. One of them is a recent convert, named P, he knew some of our investigators from before, and he likes to help us out. Oh yeah he is 12 years old... also M, 20 years old, knows a lot of people in the ward, and she is really nice and shows us where to go.

Its all good though because my companion is a freaking stud. He speaks english really well, just from learning a little before the mission and then studying every day. And, our shower is cockroach free and, the best water pressure and temperature I have had since the US of A. Our water heater is huge, so we never run out either. Best ever!

Yesterday, (p-day) I got a call at 8 in the morning from the mission secretaries saying I had to be in Montevideo at the bus station by 930, so I rushed out, rode two buses with my comp, and got there with a couple minutes to spare, which is good because I got super carsick and had to make a pit stop in the bathroom... I haven´t puked in a long time... but then they took us to the immigrations department, where we verified our parents names and signed, wrote our names down, then were done. Seriously, ruined a perfectly good game of futból to sign a paper, 30 seconds, but 3 hours of traveling to do it... I did get to see my old friends from the MTC that are working in the other mission though :) Then I was sick the rest of the day, so I slept, and wasn´t able to work at night, today I am a little better...

That is so funny that you got cycling geek socks for your b day... I saw a guy with R´s bike the other day, then subsequently started drooling. Gosh I miss cycling.
Also, the mission address has changed, it is now:

Misión Uruguay Montevideo

Dalmiro Costa 4635 Bis

C.P. 11400 Malvín



I love you a lot.
Elder Barry
your son forever

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20 Changes

WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They pulled me out of my area... which with a different president would mean something bad, but President da Silva does it all the time, and me and my comp, may he rest in peace, were rocking it up. I think it was because I had already been here for three changes. but guess what?!?!?!?! I am going to do a whitewash, or when both companions are new to the area too.

Obviously I didn´t get pulled out to be punished for sucking... also, I am no longer a junior companion. co comps!!! My companion, a latino, don´t remember his name, haven´t met him yet, is only a month and a half or so older than me in the mission. I am so pumped!!! My new area is called Las Piedras, The Stones, so anything by McJagger you could send me if you want... haha but I get to live in a four missionary house, and I know the other two elders really well, one of them does a perfect nacho libre impression.

You rode Chuckanut??? Nice... that was the fist time I got the hand suntan.

Dad, you are such a dork...I can´t believe you fell trying to see how long you could stay up not moving, gosh, that would totally be something i would do...

So this week something real crappy happened... the branch olimar was having a farewell for my comp (everyone thought i was staying another change) and in the gym there were some teenage kids playing futból with a couple member men, and then we wanted to get some pictures, so we went out to the hall to get my comps camera, but... our backpacks were gone... the freaking kids stole our crap!!!!!!! my comp was so riled up. all of his pictures from the whole mission were on cards in his bag, and his portable dvd player is gone... but the members sprung into action and worked until like 2 in the morning for us. Through bribes, prayers and an angry comp we retrieved our scriptures and my comp´s bag... all i lost was my backpack... so i gotta pull out money for a new pack this week, sorry...

My Latino comp is a Colombiano kid named elder C.

I will try to follow rules and be example, this will for sure be a test. I´m pretty bummed about the backpack being gone, it was hard to pack without it, but I´ll find a new one.

It was really hard to leave my first area, the people are so great there, but it seems like a pretty cool place where I am going. All the elders in my house are way cool. Saying goodbye to F and E, the parents, was sooo hard. I almost cried yesterday, F did...

Tell S good luck, and that he is the best Nazi ever. Wow, i love you tons.

S, C, and D, I know school felt like it sucked, every single day, but really it was just the best ever... do work...

Love Elder Barry

ps i am learning hymns for guitar, i can read normal music now!!!!!

April 12

Love movie quotes!!!!!!

S is gonna be the king of scripture bowl after the W's are gone, I am glad he got competitive, I knew my bro had a competitive edge....

I am glad you got the stuff in the mail, I go on big alfajor crazes, today I had four, because we went on a hike and had to bring a lunch, and of course I had to have dessert to go with my tuna. They are all pretty cheap, the black one is definitely in my top three jores, because of all of the dulce de leche, I love that stuff. an expensive jor costs like 75 cents, but you can get some pretty good ones for like 30-40 cents. And the thing about Uruguay is there are little stores, Almacenes, on like every corner, so i have the alfajor temptation hitting me about every 12.64 seconds as we are walking around, but i carry change in my pocket, to fulfill my daily dulce need.

I miss mountain dew so much, you are so lucky to be going up to Canada to get some...(in Canada they sell Mt. Dew w/o caffeine) That guy in the bike race averaged 25 mph?!?!?! That's crazy, I can hit 25 on flat ground pumping my guts out, but I could never average that, not with my alfajor gut. I am so excited to be a cycle geek when i get home, seeing cyclists here just makes me want to get on my bike and ride!

My comp leaves on transfer, change is what we call it, day, and from there he chills with pres and leaves the next day for home. so I get my new comp next Tuesday, so my email won´t come until Tuesday.

Crazy traditions? well they all go crazy about soccer, but you know that already. and on the 29th everyone makes this pasta stuff called nioquis, or something like that. they are like little pasta balls filled with the inside of french fries, they are pretty good, no idea why the 29th though. I will ask around for more this week and get back to you...
I love you dad.
elder barry j

I am so excited about S's play, he is going to be awesome, that nazi kid...(Sound of Music at the High School.)

That is cool to hear about A going to USU!! He is going to be a killer missionary, I´ll probably train him... he trained me in parkour, so i could return the favor... that is so cool that he is way good now, I wish I had tried harder at that, well, I guess that´ll be my life goal when I get home hahaha.

My reading, I just started 2nd Nephi, so I am behind, but as long as I finish at some point, president promised blessings... I really like doing the activities.

The movie, reeses pieces is ET, I knew it, hahaha... I have read about that before, and I am a genius with too much random stuff in my head. I am glad you liked the alfajores, they are the best thing ever. Tell K to have a blast in Rexburg.
i love you a ton Mom. talk to you in a week.
Elder Barry

Monday, April 12, 2010

April 5 First Baptisms

Yes!!!! The baptisms went through yay! Mom let S have a 5 day sleepover! Lucky dog! And you got to go to Dicks! I love Dicks. At one point on the mission, just over a month ago, I had gained almost 10 kilograms (20 pounds) from when I left. But now I am back down at like 9 pounds over from when i left. stupid alfajores.

The baptizms went forth as planned, just the lady I was supposed to baptize was like 20 minutes late, I was freaking out, but it was awesome, I loved it so much, I just want to baptize the world now!!!
I love you, and I miss my ipod like crazy so don´t rub it in haha jk

The baptisms were awesome! The spirit was so strong, it was unbelievable. My comp baptized this lady that we have been teaching the whole time I have been in Uruguay, and right when she went in I was hit with the spirit so hard, like harder than ever before. And then I got to baptize the other lady, and that was awesome. I even got all the words right. She had 4 names, and I just found that out like 5 minutes before the baptism, so i was freakin out a little bit. But it was all okay. I loved it!!!

Conference was so awesome, I liked the talk about how we are given the opportunity to have challenges so we can grow. That they aren´t bad, but that they are here to help us. We saw all the sessions except for the first half of the priesthood session didn´t transmit right, total suckage. So i didn´t even here that talk you were talking about from President Uchdorf. There was a gringo room in the stake center though, so we didn´t have to watch the translations, it was so nice because I was able to get the full extent of what the Lord needs us to know at this time.
I love you and I know its true.

I have never been so excited for a conference before in my life. We got to see it all live, so it started at 1 and 5 pm, and priesthood started at nine. I miss your Cinnamon rolls so much mama. What is in the package? Did you already send it. Yay! did you get mine yet? I sent you goodies. We get a box from Montevideo once a week, and the zone leaders bring it to us on pday, usually. So it takes a few days to get up to us. We live four hours away from president, so whenever we have to go to the deo, we leave at 2 in the morning on a bus. but I have been lucky, I haven´t had to go for three whole months. I will probably go when my companion dies though, that's only 16 days away, so crazy, he is freaking out he is so scared.

The new converts names are AM and CC. I think that it would be awesome for you to send them something, and of course I would love to translate for you.

Today we had interviews with president in our houses. sooooo, we spent all day up until about 230 cleaning, so Hermana da Silva would´t get angry, I love that lady. All we have to do is defrost and clean our fridge. I have never scrubbed a bathroom so hard mom... I cleaned the toilet for like half an hour, now that it is white it is like a shock to go in the bathroom.

That is so cool about that skyhigh place! where is it? HAPPY BIRTHDAY K, I am glad you guys were able to find a replacement brother hahaha I am proud to call K my replacement...
I love you so much mom, I pray for you and thank God for you every day...
Your son, Elder Jacobsen.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

March 29 bro's birthday

Dear S.
Happy Birthday , you are the best.
You want to know something weird? They don´t have ranch dressing here, uh oh looks like you can´t serve your mission down here...

Have you done the play yet? I wish I could see it, it would be soo cool to see my bro as a Nazi, I always knew you would become a part of the axis of evil someday, haha just kidding...

Dude you are 15 that is so old... jeez when i get home you are gonna be taller than me too, hopefully not fatter... have a great spring break man, and be careful not to burn your foot...
That is so cool to hear about J, and there is no peanut butter down here, he has very smart parents, I had sandwiches with my old comp because his parents sent him tons of peanut butter.
JAKESTRONG!!!! That is so cool mom, I am way pumped to train in the bike cave. you know that when I get back you will have two kids in college? Empty house! Don´t you feel old?
We still have at least one baptism, my first ever, yesssss. I think both will go through though, both ladies are awesome.
Dude in one year S legally gets to date! That man is so old... he is going to have a beard before you know it.

Question, is the church magazine in the states called the Ensign or the Liahona? My companion said it changed.
As a mission we have a Book of Mormon challenge... we have to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish in 6 weeks, prez gave us all a new copy and we are supposed to mark every time it talks about Jesus in one color, and everything he says or that he is quoted by prophets in another, it is gonna be rough, I can´t read super fast en espanol yet.
We haven´t decided who is going to do what yet for the baptisms, my first baptisms! At least one of them is for sure, A is freaking awesome. The other lady got married so she could get baptized and her husband is a way cool member, but she didn´t make it to church this week, so I don´t know what will happen... hopefully she still will, she has been to church four times, so that's not an issue, its just if she is still excited.

This week is spring break? I love spring break... that means that K and the gang graduate really soon, that is so weird. this week is kinda like spring break here too, its called turismo. none of the kids have school, and there are parties and festivals all week long, its like get drunk and party week, to celebrate Easter (pascua).

Ideas? shoot I don´t know, you could go to Seattle or, wow, I don´t remember what to do back in the states for fun, here I just sleep. Although I am learning leaving on a jet plane on the guitar for my companion. you could go swimming, be alone, listen to music, go on a date, stay up late, sleep in, watch a non church movie and read a non church book. because that is all of the stuff that I want to do every day here. Ooh yeah, go on facebook too, and maybe even hug a woman, although that's pushin it.

The time changed a few weeks back, so now I think that we are only 4 hours apart, woo.

Conference weekend is going to be so awesome, we are havin the fellas from Vergara, T and his comp, stay over and we get to go see the prophet talk, I have never been this stoked to see conference before, and then we get to have our baptisms, I have never had one of those, so I guess I have never been this excited for a baptism either.

Hey what mission is J going too? I know that it is the San Paolo MTC, but what mission is it?

Down here in the guay it is getting a little cooler, and it gets dark earlier. From like 730 and on it is real dark, which really sucks for tracting, but it is what it is. Also nights are kinda cold, but not really, and the bugs are leaving, I think that during the summer here there are more bugs than in the whole United States put together.
welll i love yáll tons have an awesome spring break
elder jacobsen

Thursday, April 8, 2010

March 22 Baptism date set

Oh great, now I have guilt.... TOY STORY!!!

Dude that is so cool about being the duct tape family, because that is what I am known for here! I made a bag out of duct tape, but the strap was poorly made, so its just a box now, still legit. I also taught 2 elders so far how to do it, but I can´t find any more tape. for S's b day you could give him a cardboard cut out of me, or, man I don´t know a keytar, you know a keyboard that had a strap like a guitar, then he could form his pop-punk band... he has the hair for it hahaha.

Elder B did Parkour at the same park that I did it at with A, weird eh? I miss cycling so much, I see cycle nerds go past all the time and I get sad pains in my spleen. we borrow bikes from these members every once in a while, but since I am shorter I have to use the small slow bike, its super discouraging when my comp rides way faster than me and I am more tired, but at least it is a bike...

I love you, and this week we talked to the plumbers mom and in the first time seeing her we set a baptismal date, she was super prepared and the Spirit was way strong. Thank you for your great support, I am sending good stuff home soon, as long as the post office quits being stupid, rrrg that lady makes me angry, every time I go in there I end up breaking a new rule they have and can´t send my stuff, I think I am going to burn that place down soon, just don´t tell president, cuz i don´t want to go home hahahaha.

Yeah you´re right, giving the dog away was way harder than saving it, there are so many million dogs here that if someone wanted one they could just walk out into the street and take their pick.

We got another lady on date this week! She is so solid, and the members are totally befriending her, awesome! after church we had a quick lesson with her, just explaining how to fill a tithing slip out, they are different here, and one sister came in with us and basically taught the whole lesson.

Afterwards they were just talking, exchanging numbers and becoming buds, I love our members so much. And then this week, a family in our ward is going to do a family night with her and us, all their idea. This lady, A, is going to be such a stellar member. Her first week she answered a question in Sunday school, woo yeah. so now we have two baptisms the 3rd of April, in between conference sessions, so hopefully we can get members to come. I am so excited to actually have a baptism.

By the way, thank you for Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack, you are going to regret that one in two years, cuz I will have all of it memorized and I will sing it all the time, also the Trace Bundy is spectacular.

Yay Henry!!! I loved not for pot too, it cracks me up that you put that on C's money. I knew exactly what that was from I love that movie. And Hancock is flippin hilarious.

I love you, Elder Barry

15 March, The puppy distraction

News from this week, we saved a puppy, have one solid person with a baptismal date, this awesome lady that we have taught for the whole time I have been here finally came to church, and she said that she is going to tell her work that he can never work on Sundays, hardcore! And there is a Canadian in our district. he is pretty cool, but didn´t play hockey, but we´ll forgive him, eh?

Yay bike expo! I miss that. I´ll have to come home from school bike expo weekend in 2 years haha.

I can´t believe it is already birthday time, look for a package in the mail soon :) with Uruguayan stuff in it. Dude you are really young, my comp´s dad is over 60, wowzers, that's ancient. well I am stoked to be here, and to kill off my comp, did you ever get to kill anyone off during your mission?

How is our man Barack doing?

I am happy guy now. I got my package, I can´t believe you found my hat! Also, I was proud to see in one of those pictures someone decided to keep my Ramone's poster up :) I haven´t been able to see the videos yet or listen to the music.

This week was good, compy and i set a buttload of records for our companionship, as well as having the most lessons in the zone, booyah. He is on his deathbed though, only five weeks and then he peaces out, so weird.

This week was very eventful... we started working out hard in the morning and at night (not on Sundays though) to drop weight, because I have gained some pounds.

We saved a puppy. there was this little puppy just chillin in a ravine waiting to die. we´re pretty sure someone had just left it there to die, so i made the long painful journey all ten feet down this mighty cliffs face to save the puppy in peril. We grabbed it but then didn´t know what to do with it because we can´t have a pet as missionaries. Then this ladie entered both of our minds for who to give it to, but we went there and she didn´t want it. so we just went around to our lessons with a puppy, trying to hawk it off to whoever... then after like an hour of holding our new friend, the lady´s daughter came up and said she had been looking for a puppy to buy. So we gave it to her, yay, and she is a member, so we get to visit the puppy whenever we want. See, the Spirit can guide missionaries in whatever thing, actually I think the Lord just wanted us to get back to work hahaha...

Thank you for the awesome pics, S looks like a Gmoney, he should probably form a pop-punk band. and I loved the broken goggles from C's boarding trip and D with braces.

Love Elder B

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stake Conference in Uruguay and Washington

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don´t sell the Subaru!!! I love that car. The Eugene girls even named him Henry. I feel like I just lost an old friend. What color is the Acura? It's just like a normal car right? Can you take it boarding? Ohh, poor Subaru :,( ps thats a tear.)

Stake Conference was pretty cool, President da Silva came and gave a good talk, and so did his wife. We just had to walk the two blocks from our house to our building because we have the stake center. That was nice. we even had two investigators come, it was awesome.
Brother R got released? That's crazy! Do they have a replacement yet? I bet its Brother S. He is awesome. I would say you, but you just got a new big calling.

The work is going good, just we were having tons of trouble getting people to come, but the Lord knows how hard you work, and we were blessed with a random golden investigator coming to church a couple weeks ago. She is amazing. her husband was inactive and then just decided, hey I am going to go back to church, and my woman needs to get baptized, we´re aiming for the 20th with them.

Happy b day C. I started talking a lot more this week, and when I kind of take more charge and talk a lot, the work is so much funner, and I could feel the Spirit a whole lot stronger. I was so much more energetic, but then my comp got sick again. We were out for almost a whole day... that sucked a little, but I studied Spanish while he slept.

Basically I love it here and I am glad I get to stay here, probably until June. I just hope I still like this place after 6 months...

I never really talked about Pres because I never see him. we see him for interviews once every transfer, and maybe once more for a zone conference, we´re four hours from the mission home. but he is awesome, he is really chilled out, but you can tell that he loves the gospel and the work.

Wow that is so cool about Chin becoming an Elder, he is really moving up in the world, soon, he can even turn his papers in... hey how is CH doing? Man I am so excited for all my friends to get out in the field, maybe I could train one of them.

Personal study... I am doing good, I am not very good at being ready on time, but once I start, I love it. I am reading in second nephi in Spanish, and marking like a fool. also I started reading Our Heritage, which is really good. not super exciting but i learn stuff...

I love people like that guy who spoke in your stake conference, people who are just humble and know it is true. Our one lady who we thought was like that, who had quit smoking and everything just told us she didn´t want anymore. That stunk. She was so cool, but then we went over for like the 4th time and she asked if we wanted our book back. Ouch. que triste. (how sad)

Our stake conference was good, and we have this way cool 9 year old kid, A who we are teaching. His mom got baptized a few months back and he is way cool. We played Uno with them on Sunday night, and we met his friend, who was more excited about the church than he was.

One thing a sister said in stake conference was, would we invite the Savior into our homes? Really made me think, my comp turned to me and said, our house is a mess! So i really thought, umm, get on it elder...

No package yet, but we won´t get this weeks letters for another week, so it will probably come then.

I love you so much
Have a great week. Thanks for your prayers and faith.

Elder Barry

The Pre Mission Movie Quoter

Something you may not know about pre-mission Barry... He loves movies and was frequently found quoting them. So recently I sent him this quick email after a very fun night at home:

I just have to tell you really quickly about the thimble game tonight. It wasn't even fhe and cdj suggested we play the thimble game. Somebody did Stick it quotes and it was hilarious so then someone did Toy Story quotes, I couldn't stop laughing, then someone did Monte Python Holy Grail quotes. It was a blast. You would have loved it!

We heard: I'm a lost toy! The claw decides who will stay and who will go. Farewell, I go on to a better place. Look, I'm Picaso, what are you looking at, you hockey puck. Moving buddies, if you don't have one, get one. I mean, humptey dumptey was pushed. By Woody. YOU ARE A TOY. Sid, your pop tarts are ready! You are a sad strange little man and you have my pity. Revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet. To infinity and beyond.

It's good I didn't like falling. I loved it! Tell her I have my GED. What does drunk driving have to do with it? Lose the hat, Lose the gum. Too much rock for one hand. Dude, I really hate you right now. Couldn't let you have all the fun. Why do always gotta bite my moment? Taste good? Delicious. I have a gut feeling something bad is about to happen.

Green, no blue. aaaahhhhhh! It's a bunny rabbit, what's it gonna do nibble your bum? Pie Iesu domine, dona eis requiem. Nobody's gonna write aurgh! I'm not dead. What are you gonna do? Bleed on me? I'll bite your legs off, you pansy. I feel a song coming on. None shall pass. On second thought tis a silly place. You can call me.. Tim?

Just had to share!
Love you! Mom <3...

Barry's response:

i love our family... i laughed so hard when i read that. thank you so much.

love elder b

~ever since then Barry and I title our emails with a movie quote. Maybe you could send me some good ones for the coming weeks!?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March 1 The Hat

So this hat, don´t worry its not a cowboy hat, its more like an Indiana Jones hat, basically its the best. Apparently it is water proof, that's what the guy said. People dig it, and it'll keep me from getting skin cancer so I am okay with it.

It is the end of the world as we know it, so many places are quaking, its crazy. we didn´t feel anything here, but we probably will soon at the rate that the end is coming haha. kind of freaky because we live on the fourth floor of a shabbily built apartment.

Today is a national holiday. Pepe Mujica is getting sworn in, we actually watched the speech, it was really boring. He is an old man, slight speech impediment, and socialist, this place is going great places... I read in a paper at the newsstand that Hillary was coming, they probably played rock paper scissors about who would have to come down here. The thing is, that she is just really bad at nose goes. She is like the most famous person to come here since that missionary who was in high school musical, although I think the people were more excited for him. oh by the way, witch is bruja in spanish.

I did have a really cool spiritual experience the other day, we are teaching this guy named C and he had some questions about the family, so during studies, we were going to look for his answers. I said a prayer right before I started for help to find what I needed, then I opened up True to the Faith, and it went to the exact page of families, and I found a way cool thing to share with him. That guy is so cool, and he said he would go to stake conference this Sunday. while we were teaching him the first time this week, I learned more in the lesson than he did. We were talking about Adam and Eve and the concept of the fall all of the sudden became really clear in my mind and it all made sense. I had always believed it, but it wasn´t that clear, but as we were teaching it to C it all clicked. It was such a good feeling, and I was able to explain it in just the way that he needed to hear it, without the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, that lesson would not have been very good at all, but as we were blessed with the help of the Lord, we really got through to him.

Transfers are in a week, but I don´t think I am going anywhere. my comp dies after this change, and President likes to keep people in their areas for a long timeI i am probably going to be here until june, but I like it here.

That is so cool that C, C, and C got their Duty to God awards, especially cool that C did. btw fohawk is spelled weird, its french. For our church party thing we actually watched UP because they didn´t have the other one, but it was hilarious, funnier than I remember it, even though it was in Spanish. I guess the translators were good. Mostly all that we eat here is just pasta with oil on it and meat in it. Its good, just a little boring. but sometimes we get this one desert higos, its kind of like prunes cooked in sugar, but its delicious.

Yes Mom I am happy, my comp loves to talk, and talk, to everyone he just goes and goes, but he is a great guy, I just need to be paciente he works like crazy so it will be awesome. This week we had two new investigators in church, we didn´t even know them before, they just showed up, they are both amazing too, blessings do come to those who work, just in the Lords time, flipping test of paciencia(sorry, i don´t remember how to spell pacience, pacient,pascient?) I heard about all the quakes, but we didn´t feel anything... but the world is ending sometime soon so I am sure we´ll feel something soon.

We meet awesome people every day, even the plumber, he fixed our pipe, and now we are going to go teach him, he was way cool, and as we talked to him he let us write his info down, he said we should meet his family. so stoked!!!

Thank you for your prayers and emails.

I love you and pray for you too.


February 22, 2010

We both got sick again, I thought it was just allergies, but it was more. It was the flu, and we were out for almost 24 hours straight. so we just like chilled in bed and ordered food. It was the kind of sick where you feel fine, until you stand up, then you have no energy and just want to fall over. But now its all good.

We had some good investigators and lessons this week, we found S again, but it rained on Sunday, so none of them came to church. In one of our wards we hardly even had members. There was 5 or 6 of us in priesthood, including the missionaries. It was hilarious though because the president still stood up on the stage and timidly read off anouncements to all six of us.

I got the picture of the bike cave and it is way awesome, it makes me want to train like a madman. I have decided that i am going to be a bike geek in college and go on lots of rides.

One of our branches has like more primary kids than adults, its awesome, but they always have the whole primary together for the whole thing. This week we are doing a ward activity watching a movie, monsters vs aliens, yesss i am stoked.

We saw the highlights fom the USA Canada hockey game it was brilliant.

Me and my comp played uno last night, and I lost 15 games in a row. the score is 763 to zero. I am a disgrace to the family. I can´t believe how expensive that stuff was. The olympics I mean. they must make a killing off of it.

I wish I could watch the olympics with you guys. I don´t think that I will need money for a little while but I will let you know.

Did i tell you that we have a guitar in the apartment? I love it.

Well it was good to hear from you guys, I love you so much. ride hard and party it down.
Talk at you later.

Elder Barry