Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20 Changes

WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They pulled me out of my area... which with a different president would mean something bad, but President da Silva does it all the time, and me and my comp, may he rest in peace, were rocking it up. I think it was because I had already been here for three changes. but guess what?!?!?!?! I am going to do a whitewash, or when both companions are new to the area too.

Obviously I didn´t get pulled out to be punished for sucking... also, I am no longer a junior companion. co comps!!! My companion, a latino, don´t remember his name, haven´t met him yet, is only a month and a half or so older than me in the mission. I am so pumped!!! My new area is called Las Piedras, The Stones, so anything by McJagger you could send me if you want... haha but I get to live in a four missionary house, and I know the other two elders really well, one of them does a perfect nacho libre impression.

You rode Chuckanut??? Nice... that was the fist time I got the hand suntan.

Dad, you are such a dork...I can´t believe you fell trying to see how long you could stay up not moving, gosh, that would totally be something i would do...

So this week something real crappy happened... the branch olimar was having a farewell for my comp (everyone thought i was staying another change) and in the gym there were some teenage kids playing futból with a couple member men, and then we wanted to get some pictures, so we went out to the hall to get my comps camera, but... our backpacks were gone... the freaking kids stole our crap!!!!!!! my comp was so riled up. all of his pictures from the whole mission were on cards in his bag, and his portable dvd player is gone... but the members sprung into action and worked until like 2 in the morning for us. Through bribes, prayers and an angry comp we retrieved our scriptures and my comp´s bag... all i lost was my backpack... so i gotta pull out money for a new pack this week, sorry...

My Latino comp is a Colombiano kid named elder C.

I will try to follow rules and be example, this will for sure be a test. I´m pretty bummed about the backpack being gone, it was hard to pack without it, but I´ll find a new one.

It was really hard to leave my first area, the people are so great there, but it seems like a pretty cool place where I am going. All the elders in my house are way cool. Saying goodbye to F and E, the parents, was sooo hard. I almost cried yesterday, F did...

Tell S good luck, and that he is the best Nazi ever. Wow, i love you tons.

S, C, and D, I know school felt like it sucked, every single day, but really it was just the best ever... do work...

Love Elder Barry

ps i am learning hymns for guitar, i can read normal music now!!!!!

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Kara Lohberg said...

Man! That stinks that his backpack got stolen. :(
I'm sure he'll be great in his new area!!