Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Area, New Companion 27 April 2010

L.P. is the bomb... there are three "mothers" in the area that we can go spend time with, one of them, P, washes our clothes, another one we picked grapes at her house. So, there are lots of wards here, real wards... Well, we have about 100 people come to ours every week... and it is such a large area that we have 4 missionaries in it. We get lunch from the members like every day, they all have their days of the month when they feed the missionaries, like so and so has every 12th and 28th, and its always that way. It's pretty cool, usually the four of us eat together. It's real weird to go from two elders over 2 branches to 4 over one ward.

The laundry... people usually have a washing machine, but no one has a dryer. I have only heard of one Guayan ever owning a dryer, I don´t think they even sell them here. So we have an hermana do it for us out of the goodness of her heart, the members here are so willing to help...

Yes Guay did make it into the world cup, but I don´t think they stand much of a chance, we´ll see... whenever the two big teams Peñarol and Nacional, play, everyone watches it, everyone. Contacting is sort of pointless during that time. I imagine that World Cup will be like trying to go tract on super bowl Sunday. I am so glad S did good in the play, not that I doubted it, but it's super exciting... wish I could watch... I will be there for his senior year when he has the lead though...

For mothers day I think that they said that you guys had to call this time, I will have details next week, I am way stoked. it feels like hardly any time has passed though.

The work here, no lies, is kind of rough. it's hard, because the last elders didn´t really leave us anything to work on, so we just tract a lot. It stinks because I stayed up until two doing that for the elders that took my spot. We found two old investigators, and we have found a few of our own, but everything else we are just talking to people like crazy, so things should start to pick up soon. And we have a couple kids who help us out a lot to find stuff. One of them is a recent convert, named P, he knew some of our investigators from before, and he likes to help us out. Oh yeah he is 12 years old... also M, 20 years old, knows a lot of people in the ward, and she is really nice and shows us where to go.

Its all good though because my companion is a freaking stud. He speaks english really well, just from learning a little before the mission and then studying every day. And, our shower is cockroach free and, the best water pressure and temperature I have had since the US of A. Our water heater is huge, so we never run out either. Best ever!

Yesterday, (p-day) I got a call at 8 in the morning from the mission secretaries saying I had to be in Montevideo at the bus station by 930, so I rushed out, rode two buses with my comp, and got there with a couple minutes to spare, which is good because I got super carsick and had to make a pit stop in the bathroom... I haven´t puked in a long time... but then they took us to the immigrations department, where we verified our parents names and signed, wrote our names down, then were done. Seriously, ruined a perfectly good game of futból to sign a paper, 30 seconds, but 3 hours of traveling to do it... I did get to see my old friends from the MTC that are working in the other mission though :) Then I was sick the rest of the day, so I slept, and wasn´t able to work at night, today I am a little better...

That is so funny that you got cycling geek socks for your b day... I saw a guy with R´s bike the other day, then subsequently started drooling. Gosh I miss cycling.
Also, the mission address has changed, it is now:

Misión Uruguay Montevideo

Dalmiro Costa 4635 Bis

C.P. 11400 Malvín



I love you a lot.
Elder Barry
your son forever

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