Saturday, April 10, 2010

March 29 bro's birthday

Dear S.
Happy Birthday , you are the best.
You want to know something weird? They don´t have ranch dressing here, uh oh looks like you can´t serve your mission down here...

Have you done the play yet? I wish I could see it, it would be soo cool to see my bro as a Nazi, I always knew you would become a part of the axis of evil someday, haha just kidding...

Dude you are 15 that is so old... jeez when i get home you are gonna be taller than me too, hopefully not fatter... have a great spring break man, and be careful not to burn your foot...
That is so cool to hear about J, and there is no peanut butter down here, he has very smart parents, I had sandwiches with my old comp because his parents sent him tons of peanut butter.
JAKESTRONG!!!! That is so cool mom, I am way pumped to train in the bike cave. you know that when I get back you will have two kids in college? Empty house! Don´t you feel old?
We still have at least one baptism, my first ever, yesssss. I think both will go through though, both ladies are awesome.
Dude in one year S legally gets to date! That man is so old... he is going to have a beard before you know it.

Question, is the church magazine in the states called the Ensign or the Liahona? My companion said it changed.
As a mission we have a Book of Mormon challenge... we have to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish in 6 weeks, prez gave us all a new copy and we are supposed to mark every time it talks about Jesus in one color, and everything he says or that he is quoted by prophets in another, it is gonna be rough, I can´t read super fast en espanol yet.
We haven´t decided who is going to do what yet for the baptisms, my first baptisms! At least one of them is for sure, A is freaking awesome. The other lady got married so she could get baptized and her husband is a way cool member, but she didn´t make it to church this week, so I don´t know what will happen... hopefully she still will, she has been to church four times, so that's not an issue, its just if she is still excited.

This week is spring break? I love spring break... that means that K and the gang graduate really soon, that is so weird. this week is kinda like spring break here too, its called turismo. none of the kids have school, and there are parties and festivals all week long, its like get drunk and party week, to celebrate Easter (pascua).

Ideas? shoot I don´t know, you could go to Seattle or, wow, I don´t remember what to do back in the states for fun, here I just sleep. Although I am learning leaving on a jet plane on the guitar for my companion. you could go swimming, be alone, listen to music, go on a date, stay up late, sleep in, watch a non church movie and read a non church book. because that is all of the stuff that I want to do every day here. Ooh yeah, go on facebook too, and maybe even hug a woman, although that's pushin it.

The time changed a few weeks back, so now I think that we are only 4 hours apart, woo.

Conference weekend is going to be so awesome, we are havin the fellas from Vergara, T and his comp, stay over and we get to go see the prophet talk, I have never been this stoked to see conference before, and then we get to have our baptisms, I have never had one of those, so I guess I have never been this excited for a baptism either.

Hey what mission is J going too? I know that it is the San Paolo MTC, but what mission is it?

Down here in the guay it is getting a little cooler, and it gets dark earlier. From like 730 and on it is real dark, which really sucks for tracting, but it is what it is. Also nights are kinda cold, but not really, and the bugs are leaving, I think that during the summer here there are more bugs than in the whole United States put together.
welll i love yáll tons have an awesome spring break
elder jacobsen

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