Thursday, April 8, 2010

15 March, The puppy distraction

News from this week, we saved a puppy, have one solid person with a baptismal date, this awesome lady that we have taught for the whole time I have been here finally came to church, and she said that she is going to tell her work that he can never work on Sundays, hardcore! And there is a Canadian in our district. he is pretty cool, but didn´t play hockey, but we´ll forgive him, eh?

Yay bike expo! I miss that. I´ll have to come home from school bike expo weekend in 2 years haha.

I can´t believe it is already birthday time, look for a package in the mail soon :) with Uruguayan stuff in it. Dude you are really young, my comp´s dad is over 60, wowzers, that's ancient. well I am stoked to be here, and to kill off my comp, did you ever get to kill anyone off during your mission?

How is our man Barack doing?

I am happy guy now. I got my package, I can´t believe you found my hat! Also, I was proud to see in one of those pictures someone decided to keep my Ramone's poster up :) I haven´t been able to see the videos yet or listen to the music.

This week was good, compy and i set a buttload of records for our companionship, as well as having the most lessons in the zone, booyah. He is on his deathbed though, only five weeks and then he peaces out, so weird.

This week was very eventful... we started working out hard in the morning and at night (not on Sundays though) to drop weight, because I have gained some pounds.

We saved a puppy. there was this little puppy just chillin in a ravine waiting to die. we´re pretty sure someone had just left it there to die, so i made the long painful journey all ten feet down this mighty cliffs face to save the puppy in peril. We grabbed it but then didn´t know what to do with it because we can´t have a pet as missionaries. Then this ladie entered both of our minds for who to give it to, but we went there and she didn´t want it. so we just went around to our lessons with a puppy, trying to hawk it off to whoever... then after like an hour of holding our new friend, the lady´s daughter came up and said she had been looking for a puppy to buy. So we gave it to her, yay, and she is a member, so we get to visit the puppy whenever we want. See, the Spirit can guide missionaries in whatever thing, actually I think the Lord just wanted us to get back to work hahaha...

Thank you for the awesome pics, S looks like a Gmoney, he should probably form a pop-punk band. and I loved the broken goggles from C's boarding trip and D with braces.

Love Elder B

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Kara Lohberg said...

I find it hard to believe that Barry gained weight! Haha.
I love this blog. I like knowing that Barry is doing awesome and that the Lord is evident in is life.
Thanks for sharing, Sister Jacobsen.