Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stake Conference in Uruguay and Washington

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don´t sell the Subaru!!! I love that car. The Eugene girls even named him Henry. I feel like I just lost an old friend. What color is the Acura? It's just like a normal car right? Can you take it boarding? Ohh, poor Subaru :,( ps thats a tear.)

Stake Conference was pretty cool, President da Silva came and gave a good talk, and so did his wife. We just had to walk the two blocks from our house to our building because we have the stake center. That was nice. we even had two investigators come, it was awesome.
Brother R got released? That's crazy! Do they have a replacement yet? I bet its Brother S. He is awesome. I would say you, but you just got a new big calling.

The work is going good, just we were having tons of trouble getting people to come, but the Lord knows how hard you work, and we were blessed with a random golden investigator coming to church a couple weeks ago. She is amazing. her husband was inactive and then just decided, hey I am going to go back to church, and my woman needs to get baptized, we´re aiming for the 20th with them.

Happy b day C. I started talking a lot more this week, and when I kind of take more charge and talk a lot, the work is so much funner, and I could feel the Spirit a whole lot stronger. I was so much more energetic, but then my comp got sick again. We were out for almost a whole day... that sucked a little, but I studied Spanish while he slept.

Basically I love it here and I am glad I get to stay here, probably until June. I just hope I still like this place after 6 months...

I never really talked about Pres because I never see him. we see him for interviews once every transfer, and maybe once more for a zone conference, we´re four hours from the mission home. but he is awesome, he is really chilled out, but you can tell that he loves the gospel and the work.

Wow that is so cool about Chin becoming an Elder, he is really moving up in the world, soon, he can even turn his papers in... hey how is CH doing? Man I am so excited for all my friends to get out in the field, maybe I could train one of them.

Personal study... I am doing good, I am not very good at being ready on time, but once I start, I love it. I am reading in second nephi in Spanish, and marking like a fool. also I started reading Our Heritage, which is really good. not super exciting but i learn stuff...

I love people like that guy who spoke in your stake conference, people who are just humble and know it is true. Our one lady who we thought was like that, who had quit smoking and everything just told us she didn´t want anymore. That stunk. She was so cool, but then we went over for like the 4th time and she asked if we wanted our book back. Ouch. que triste. (how sad)

Our stake conference was good, and we have this way cool 9 year old kid, A who we are teaching. His mom got baptized a few months back and he is way cool. We played Uno with them on Sunday night, and we met his friend, who was more excited about the church than he was.

One thing a sister said in stake conference was, would we invite the Savior into our homes? Really made me think, my comp turned to me and said, our house is a mess! So i really thought, umm, get on it elder...

No package yet, but we won´t get this weeks letters for another week, so it will probably come then.

I love you so much
Have a great week. Thanks for your prayers and faith.

Elder Barry

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