Monday, April 12, 2010

April 5 First Baptisms

Yes!!!! The baptisms went through yay! Mom let S have a 5 day sleepover! Lucky dog! And you got to go to Dicks! I love Dicks. At one point on the mission, just over a month ago, I had gained almost 10 kilograms (20 pounds) from when I left. But now I am back down at like 9 pounds over from when i left. stupid alfajores.

The baptizms went forth as planned, just the lady I was supposed to baptize was like 20 minutes late, I was freaking out, but it was awesome, I loved it so much, I just want to baptize the world now!!!
I love you, and I miss my ipod like crazy so don´t rub it in haha jk

The baptisms were awesome! The spirit was so strong, it was unbelievable. My comp baptized this lady that we have been teaching the whole time I have been in Uruguay, and right when she went in I was hit with the spirit so hard, like harder than ever before. And then I got to baptize the other lady, and that was awesome. I even got all the words right. She had 4 names, and I just found that out like 5 minutes before the baptism, so i was freakin out a little bit. But it was all okay. I loved it!!!

Conference was so awesome, I liked the talk about how we are given the opportunity to have challenges so we can grow. That they aren´t bad, but that they are here to help us. We saw all the sessions except for the first half of the priesthood session didn´t transmit right, total suckage. So i didn´t even here that talk you were talking about from President Uchdorf. There was a gringo room in the stake center though, so we didn´t have to watch the translations, it was so nice because I was able to get the full extent of what the Lord needs us to know at this time.
I love you and I know its true.

I have never been so excited for a conference before in my life. We got to see it all live, so it started at 1 and 5 pm, and priesthood started at nine. I miss your Cinnamon rolls so much mama. What is in the package? Did you already send it. Yay! did you get mine yet? I sent you goodies. We get a box from Montevideo once a week, and the zone leaders bring it to us on pday, usually. So it takes a few days to get up to us. We live four hours away from president, so whenever we have to go to the deo, we leave at 2 in the morning on a bus. but I have been lucky, I haven´t had to go for three whole months. I will probably go when my companion dies though, that's only 16 days away, so crazy, he is freaking out he is so scared.

The new converts names are AM and CC. I think that it would be awesome for you to send them something, and of course I would love to translate for you.

Today we had interviews with president in our houses. sooooo, we spent all day up until about 230 cleaning, so Hermana da Silva would´t get angry, I love that lady. All we have to do is defrost and clean our fridge. I have never scrubbed a bathroom so hard mom... I cleaned the toilet for like half an hour, now that it is white it is like a shock to go in the bathroom.

That is so cool about that skyhigh place! where is it? HAPPY BIRTHDAY K, I am glad you guys were able to find a replacement brother hahaha I am proud to call K my replacement...
I love you so much mom, I pray for you and thank God for you every day...
Your son, Elder Jacobsen.

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