Thursday, November 19, 2009

Episode 4: Bartering for Ties (en Espanol)

Hey Dad, thanks for the email. that's awesome about the beavs, they better beat wsu or that would be pathetic, and it really sounds like the civil war will be an epic duel this year.

Today we get to go see Elder Bednar, we are all riding buses down, and we get to watch him with like 600 other missionaries, its going to be awesome. President was at a conference with Elder Bednar for the past few days and he makes it sound like there is really going to be some spiritual stuff going down.

Elder Bednar said he will have something for every single missionary, directly to that person to help them and change their life.

yeah giving a blessing was quite the experience, i gave another one to my companion elder t. this week, and a few hours later he was like, man elder, you´re like 2 for 2 with blessings. its hard to know what to say, and I'm really not that good of a speaker, i can't make it sound good and poetic, but i think i get the job done, and some stuff i say i hadn't thought of before i had started the prayer, i feel conceded to think that that is the spirit speaking through me, because i didn't come up with some of those words.

contacting people on the street is such a wild experience, we still don't understand everything, but we can usually get the jist, and then if not we just go right on teaching them everything we do know. this week we went out for seven hours in a new area, but we get to keep this area for three weeks. this made it possible for us to set citas, or appointments, with people, we set four or five at a specific time and then four more with no time, but like an address for where to find them. one crazy thing they have here is called siesta, its from like 1-4 pm where everyone just goes inside for a couple hours and chills, the streets are just empty as can be. we set up citas during that time though, so life should be less depressing this time around...

serving a mission is hard work. even in the mtc it is really tough. the schedule sucks, we are always behind on sleep, and we work constantly. good thing we still have 23 months left eh?

my Spanish is moving along alright, I'm getting comfortable talking with Latinos, i even traded ties with a couple of them. good deal. I'm excited to see home in 23 months, sounds like it will be a lot different.

thank you for being who you are and such a good dad to me for 19 years. i love you, talk to you in a week.

Hey Mom, I just got your pictures like two seconds ago. thank you!

I really miss you guys, but home seems like a far off distant world now.
that is a really good idea to link memories to objects, i think I'll do it. that way i can be the crazy object memory guy who has a weird scripture bag and pillow case. dang, I'm racking up the nicknames!

ahh! three minutes left! It should be really great to go see Elder Bednar today. President is having us all prepare spiritually for it, because he says there will be something life changingly spiritual in it for each missionary. it should be good, but we have to write our letters on the bus on the way there and the way back.

i love you a lot. bye

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Episode 3: Lost in Translation

I just got a letter today from aunt Rhonda, and it was dated before Halloween. I really miss you guys. Sister Beck came and spoke, she was really great, I love hearing from the high up people in the church, because they've really been through it all and have a lot of guidance from the Lord. Sister Motsumori was with her and then some other guy from the area presidency. Sister Motsumori gave this really great talk. In her talk she had a story about her son´s mission. He was serving in Bronx New York in a really dangerous neighborhood, and the mission president allowed her and her husband to visit him. It was a really scary part of town, so she was nervous, but when she saw her kid come walk around the corner down the street it was like he had a bubble around him, a bubble of protection, and she knew that he was safe. She knew that the Lord was keeping her son out of harm. I really loved that story.

This Saturday we got to go out proselyting. We call it proseletismo. We went out for 7 whole hours in a new part of town with about 6 million dogs. They were everywhere. The people didn't seem to accept the message very well at all at first, one guy was really old and kept like yelling at us in his own muffled way. My dang companion was just nodding at him and saying, esta bien, esta bien, its good its good. But the guy was a huge anti, and telling us that we are liars. But, my comp kept nodding and agreeing. I turned to him, my comp, and, in english, said, No he is calling us liars, NO. He immediately got this hilarious look on his face and starting shaking his head and saying no, no.

Later we did a lot better though, a couple of our people seemed like they could go all the way. We gave one guy a book of Mormon, and later he was riding on a bus and we walked past and he waved at us, that was an awesome moments.

I was going to mail more family letters today, those ones are fun to write. I hope that the Beavers beat the Huskies, they better at least. (they did!) How long until the civil war? I miss watching college football.

Did Mecca really drop the prices? That’s amazing! You lucky dogs. I bet they made like a million dollars right after they switched back.

I got to give a blessing last night. One of the missionaries in my district got me up at like midnight, he was really sick. He wanted a blessing. His comp did the putting on the oil and I did the blessing. The spirit of the Holy Ghost was so strong, and it worked. He slept fine and is totally healthy today. I was really nervous and had to go into another room to pray first alone so I could do it. It was a really great experience though, and I feel like it brought us all together.

I really love the gospel now, I mark my scriptures up like crazy, and my Preach My Gospel too. Jeffrey R. Holland is definitely my favorite apostle, he has such a great spirit as he speaks, and his testimony of missionary work is really powerful.

I found some parkour to do the other day and just went crazy, I was sore the next morning, haha.

I love you a ton and I miss you a lot. Talk to
you next week. Tell the kids to stay gold

I love you, thanks for the emails.

Elder Barry

ps tell mom that i have not been able to go to Wal-Mart, and the washing machines are super easy, we do it twice a week, and they cost nothing. I’ve only spent money on candy at the hostel they used for the temple when it was still open so my grasp on it is like nothing, oh well

love you

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Episode 2: The Quote List

By now, we're pretty much accustomed to the schedule, the days are just starting to drag together. but we like to keep it interesting here in Argentina. I'm a lucky one, i got stuck in a three pack companionship. the more, not the merrier. my companions are named Elder W and Elder T. we get along just fine, we all have our quirks, but we survive. the whole group of three thing is just messed up. When we teach, the whole rotation of three is so long that you just start to zone out, causing stupidity to flow unceasingly throughout our lessons.

Three people does, however, provide an abundance of humor. despite differing styles of humor, we always end up laughing about something. so many one liners have been dropped that i decided to institute the quote book. I had a tendency to write down stupid things people had said before my mission, and i guess old habits die hard. i didn't realize how weird things could get in the MTC.

in just over two weeks, we've accumulated 47 quotes that were worthy of this holy list. but first, readers in America need to realize the enormous task it is to qualify oneself for the list. Being the creator of this sacred compilation, all quote recommendations have to go through the offices of Elder Barry Quoting Services, for all your companion quote needs (You'll see the commercial aired on Fox in a few weeks). then they go through a 36-point check, including awkwardness level, audience reception, and my personal judgment of the character of the quoter. also taken into account is the validity of the quote; anything said for the sole purpose of quote book insertion is disqualified.

to this point, the quote leader is Elder T, with 15 quotes. He has a commanding lead over Elder W, who is sitting at 10. As the writer of the quote book, I am officially disqualified from inclusion; but being the writer also puts me one step above the simpletons who do the quoting.

One deep quote and one ridiculous quote. wooyeah.

"Don't be afraid. You are called by a prophet, if you follow the rules, you can do anything. Just open your mouth, don't be afraid to just speak, the spirit will be with you."
Hermano W (Afternoon Teacher)

Okay so for this one, it happened to Elder W. He found out the word for repentance was arrepentimiento.
"They can't come up with a better word for it? They're not going to want to do it if they have to say that novel!"

Stay Cool America

Episode 1: Pilot

The journey begins. I never realized how long two years was until I was faced with The Mission.

It is weird to think that I have been out for almost three weeks already, but compared to my two years, that's like three seconds. every day feels like an eternity, we're in class for 6:45 every day, and that doesn't include the three hours we spend studying. but at the same time, looking back on it, it feels like we've only been here a day or two.

Being a missionary is awesome. Everyone stares at you, everywhere you go, and you are given an extra wide berth. Its like you have a Wide-Load sign on your butt. But then you get the church members, who come up to you, shake your hand, and congratulate you. this would be all good and nice if i wasn't lost in an airport thousands of miles away from home, looking for the other lost boys with name tags. the best by far though are the ones who shoot you one glance and then dart off in the other direction. they feel guilty rejecting the message, and obviously, running away from a skinny white 19 year old kid is much more dignifying.

I flew from Seattle to Dallas all alone, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw another nametag when i got to Dallas. i had already successfully gotten lost at this huge airport, eaten at McDonalds, and found the correct gate. then i realized that i still had three and a half hours left before my flight took off. so i went to the bathroom. that oughtta occupy like 30 seconds of my time, right?

Thats where i met an elder from South Chicago. i was in the bathroom, just minding my own business, relieving myself, when i heard someone say Uruguay. i seriously backflipped. i then showed him over to McDonalds and we found the rest of the missionaries. the eight of us then got on quite possibly the longest flight in the history of mankind. or at least thats what it felt like.

if only we had known what we were getting into...

Repent Sinners!

Episode 2: The Quote List

Coming soon...