Thursday, November 5, 2009

Episode 2: The Quote List

By now, we're pretty much accustomed to the schedule, the days are just starting to drag together. but we like to keep it interesting here in Argentina. I'm a lucky one, i got stuck in a three pack companionship. the more, not the merrier. my companions are named Elder W and Elder T. we get along just fine, we all have our quirks, but we survive. the whole group of three thing is just messed up. When we teach, the whole rotation of three is so long that you just start to zone out, causing stupidity to flow unceasingly throughout our lessons.

Three people does, however, provide an abundance of humor. despite differing styles of humor, we always end up laughing about something. so many one liners have been dropped that i decided to institute the quote book. I had a tendency to write down stupid things people had said before my mission, and i guess old habits die hard. i didn't realize how weird things could get in the MTC.

in just over two weeks, we've accumulated 47 quotes that were worthy of this holy list. but first, readers in America need to realize the enormous task it is to qualify oneself for the list. Being the creator of this sacred compilation, all quote recommendations have to go through the offices of Elder Barry Quoting Services, for all your companion quote needs (You'll see the commercial aired on Fox in a few weeks). then they go through a 36-point check, including awkwardness level, audience reception, and my personal judgment of the character of the quoter. also taken into account is the validity of the quote; anything said for the sole purpose of quote book insertion is disqualified.

to this point, the quote leader is Elder T, with 15 quotes. He has a commanding lead over Elder W, who is sitting at 10. As the writer of the quote book, I am officially disqualified from inclusion; but being the writer also puts me one step above the simpletons who do the quoting.

One deep quote and one ridiculous quote. wooyeah.

"Don't be afraid. You are called by a prophet, if you follow the rules, you can do anything. Just open your mouth, don't be afraid to just speak, the spirit will be with you."
Hermano W (Afternoon Teacher)

Okay so for this one, it happened to Elder W. He found out the word for repentance was arrepentimiento.
"They can't come up with a better word for it? They're not going to want to do it if they have to say that novel!"

Stay Cool America

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