Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's the final Countdown

I cannot believe that this is it. I am done. Just a long bus ride and three flights left. How do i feel? Well, super happy. Really sad. Relieved. Accomplished. Excited. Nervous. Confused. Hungry. Ready. Not nearly prepared. Scared. Wiped out.

Yesterday in my last day in church, we had a really good sacrament meeting. after the sacrament they asked me to bear my testimony, and a lot of feelings that I had been suppressing came up. I had been fighting against myself all week long to stay focused and a couple times I lost the battle so I was feeling bummed out and not very worthy, but when I got up, the Spirit hit me really hard.

The mission has been the greatest thing for my life. I have learned a ton and grown up. God has helped me so many times in so many ways. Really God loves and helps those who follow Him. Basically I got up and rambled about that and then sat down and tried not to cry.

We had a miracle happen this week. We had a lesson planned with S, an investigator for her to come to the church in the evening on Thursday. She lives far away so this was to keep our legs in good shape and so we could bring a member. We waited for her for like half an hour, and nothing. Then I called her and she said she wasn´t coming because her husband was sick. So as we leave the church a guy who we had talked to a few weeks ago stopped me on the street. He said, "are you guys ever gonna come by my house, I have been going through a lot of problems and I really want to talk to you." So right then we invited him into the church and we talked. He has HIV and cancer in his leg. He was recently robbed and is without work. A couple of weeks ago we had given him a pamphlet in the street and he said that he had read it every night since then. He knows that if he follows God, his situation can be fixed. its incredible the faith that he has. He asked how to join the church because he wants to become a part of what we have. So we explained baptism and he is all over it. Then we set up his baptismal date for the 29th of October. Then on Saturday we had another lesson with him and he had started the Book of Mormon. Yesterday he came to church and liked it a lot. Hopefully he can flourish, because if he keeps going and progressing, the Lord will bless him beyond belief.

They are putting sisters here in la Paloma now, so today we have to prepare everything for them. Hopefully they don´t screw up our work, I love these people so much that I would come back and give these sisters a kick in the pants if they mess this area up.

Saying goodbye is hard, but its super weird because I am sad as can be but I can´t wipe the smile off of my face, I get to see my family again! I love you guys so much.

So how does it work to get me released? Does President W know I´m coming home?

This week goes like this. Today, p-day. Therefore, pack and buy alfajores.

Tomorrow early, leave la Paloma for good, get to Montevideo, have lunch in Paso Carrasco with a member family (ca ching) and then go to the temple. Have a family night in the mission home. Then sleep. Then on Wednesday, leave Uruguay :,( its a sad moment. Then go to Santiago Chile, then LA, then SEATTLE!!!! dang. the end is here. its not even trunky anymore, its just reality.

I am looking forward to all Mexican food and real American food. Krispy Kremes would make me cry.

I love you See you in a few days. ELDER Barry

ps. a dog followed us twice this week. we named him fitty cent. at first he was Heaton, named after our district leader, but then we saw that he has a lot of battle scars on his face, and he wasn´t responding to Heaton, so fitty caught on. its the only thing he responds to now. i HAVE grown up on the mission, i swear. hahahaha.

Friday, October 14, 2011

10-10-11-10 days to go!

Wow that is so cool that C bore his testimony! He is great! and brave, I also bore my testimony, mostly because we only had 15 people yesterday and there was a huge gap and I was sitting on the stand and I had to fill it.

Sad news. G started refusing to talk to us this week. We think that she got offended because I didn´t sit with her in conference. Along with that we had the suspition that she liked me a little too much, also has mental issues, a little. But we were ignoring that in hopes of her gaining a real testimony of the church. It didn´t get that far. Maybe in the summer the hermanas can help her out.

D said he was going to go to church and that he was going on his motorcycle so we didn´t need to go by his house, but he didn´t make it and we´re not sure why. But he has been going well. Also S is progressing, her son F had a soccer tournament in 33 this sunday so she couldn´t go. Kind of a bummer that we aren´t going to have a baptizm before the end of the change but at least we have good progress.

I´m glad the cougs won, go byu. I had an interchange with Elder A this week, he is from Honduras. It was super funny, it was pouring down rain with very high winds. Both of our umbrellas broke and we were soaked. but we had a super good lesson at night. It was with a family that they had just found. It was really awkward because elder A wasn´t taking control and I had no idea what the situation was, we ended up teaching the plan of salvation and it was really spiritual. The mom dad daughter and cousin all agreed to get baptized after they read and prayed. In the end I said the prayer and when I knelt down to pray, a bunch of water came out of my boots onto their floor. When I got up there was a big puddle where I had knelt down. But honestly like 3 or 4 cups of water came out of my boots! It was really awkward but they had a tile floor so they didn´t get angry jajaja.

Well enjoy your last full week in an empty house.
I love you guys
Elder B

Monday, October 3, 2011

3 October 2011 (never thought this month would get here!)

Well that was a super good conference. I enjoyed it a lot. for some random reason the talk about men raising their daughters really hit me, I loved that talk. Also the great talk by Elder Holland about Satan was super powerful, but only the men saw that one. That is awesome that Sam got to be the mascot, I don´t have time to write him now, but I will write him by hand, hopefully it gets there before I do.

G. went to conference with us on Saturday, but left before it ended, I didn´t see her because I was in the gringo room, but I was super stoked that she came. She is on line for the 15th, which btw is my last saturday in the field... 

This week we didn´t have high numbers, but the few lessons we had were really good and directly helping investigators to progress. For example, we saw the family S and talked about baptizm. I asked if D could really see himself baptized. He said, baptised yeah, but married no. Then other D chimed in and said that during the day she had gotten this FEELING that why not get married, what the heck, just do it. So she talked him into it. They are getting a date this week to get married later in the month. The spirit works in mysterious ways. 

I love the gospel and I know its true. I got my fight plans this week. Super weird, but the idea of leaving is becoming acceptable to me. I am used to the idea, kinda, and I feel good. Which is saying something.
I love you guys a lot.

Monday, September 26, 2011

26 September 2011 (24 days and counting!)

Hello family. heck yes i am going to send emails home on the 17th! it might be lame, but it will be an email. that's cool that you finished the roof, I´m glad that I don´t have to play 14 feet off the ground with you guys.

Anyways, the area. la paloma. how goes la paloma. yesterday in church we had TWO INVESTIGATORS!!! the one that we are more excited about is named G. We have been talking to her for about two weeks, and we almost stopped visiting her because it seemed like she wasn´t really understanding. But the other day we passed by with a member and G. was having issues and she said that she needed the gospel. Then on Saturday we went by and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith repentance baptism holy ghost endure til the end ) and she said that she would get baptized and we set up for the member taxi to pass by her house. It did . She came with her 4 year old C. The first hour of church we were all together for relief society and priesthood. The stake presidency talked about the correct order of the church and that only leaders can get revelation for the branch. it was way good, but there was like 90 things that they talked about that G had never heard before. She laughed out loud the first time they called our group a branch of the church, and then the priesthood and all that stuff. my oh my. But she seemed pretty enthusiatic about church and like she is going to continue. But that was basically the longest hour of my life, just hoping that she didn´t get offended or misunderstand in a bad way. Tomorrow we are going to set the date with her for the 15th of October. We´re pretty excited, but the C´s are out of town and the navy family just got back the other day, hopefully we can stay in contact with them. Good thing they have member friends.

I love you guys all a lot. keep it real.
elder b
I´ll try to talk to Sister L. at changes to tell her that I will see her bro.(There is a missionary serving in our ward who's sister is serving in Barry's mission! Small world... ~Jenny)

Friday, September 23, 2011

19 Sept. 2011

Sadly, we only had one investigator in church yesterday, a granddaughter of the relief society president. But... we had a member family be missionaries this week! They had their neighbors over this Tuesday when we came over. We got to know them the first time, and they accepted to hear more and on Friday night we taught them the restoration and they said that they will get baptized when they know its true. It was one of the most spiritual charlas ever. The best. They couldn´t go to church because he is in the navy with the member guy and he had to work, military work isn´t something you can just skip out on. But we are really pumped to see them, because most of the other people we have we weren´t able to see this week, super frustrating, the C´s were out of town and the S's were visiting family when we tried to go. But we at least saw them once, we restarted them with the Book of Mormon. but the greatest part of the week was A and A, they are the friends of the members. they are so cool, because they are normal, she says that she knows how to make cupcakes so in the next lesson she owes us them. She was sick on Friday, so she wasn´t going to come, but she decided that they weren´t going to ditch us. YEAH BABY! This is exactly what we are trying to go for. This family wouldn´t have ever had the chance to talk to missionaries because we aren´t allowed to knock doors on the military base where they live, but if they keep on going in the route they´re going they will be an eternal family (tear drop...) I love teaching normal people.

I´m glad you guys prayed about the roof thing, you better be careful, wait until I get home to have catastrophes, okay?
dang Utes.
Never thought I would say that.
I´m glad C is a menace already I was nervous for her. But she is awesome and rad so there was no reason to worry.

I love you guys a ton my dear family, there aren´t too many of these emails left.

I realized this week that when I left on this great journey I wasn´t really ready to be adult. I have been through a lot out here. It has been rough at times, but overall the happiest time of my life. I feel like now I am finally at the point to where I am ready to be a missionary, and its time to come home. I think I grew up. a little :)
elder b
love ya

Monday, September 12, 2011

12 September 2011 38 days but don't tell Barry

That is crazy that C is already gone off to college. I'm glad that cw and k could help her out a bit. I have never met k, but she wrote me once and I already feel like we´re best friends.
This week we worked hard, but I feel like we had little success. Especially since no one went to church. With some of the people we have its amazing that they didn´t come. S on Saturday said she would come but come Sunday she couldn´t because they had to go to Rocha to be with her sister who just found out she had a lung tumor (its not a tumor! name that movie.) {Challenge from Momma Jenny: Name that movie and get a prize!}

Anyways, we set goals to keep the members more informed and to always set real appointments with the people and remind them the night before. I am determined to get baptisms this change, forget it being my last, the branch needs more people and fast.

I have a small trunky thought. My drivers license expired last week, and wasn´t it just a paper that you have to turn in to get it renewed? If possible, could you please look that up for me? 

We made sloppy joes this week. they were good.

We had a good week . Overall we did good things, it was weird not going to changes this week, but we got more work time so its all good. It is weird not being the dl, and I am not used to the new one, I was really liking talking to the zone leaders every night, both elder C (ZL) and I were bummed to not be able to talk every night anymore.
 Well hopefully my pictures get to you,
Every week we have been picking a new attribute of Christ to study and this week I picked faith, I want to study more about Christ and put Moroni's promise into effect, I know that the Book of Mormon is true already, but I also know that a renewed testimony will not only help me but more importantly the investigators.

I love you family. Keep up the good work, and don´t get trunky, it aint over till its over, and then comes the longest plane ride of your life.
 elder barry

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5 September 2011

Hellooooo family.
Sorry, that was a Spanish translation about the house. We weren´t planning on living in the dorms dorms, but in an apartment, you know me, I´m not dishing out dinero for a house. YYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH SSSS!! yes, he is going to RUSSIA! woo yeah russia! 
I´m not going to lie, its gonna be a little rough to cheer for my boys up at the Y, but I´ll catch on. I'm glad they won though. super stoked about the game we get to go to too. Go Beavs. thanks for the great package, the Dew was great and I almost cried when I saw that you fixed the racket. We ate my cake last night waiting for change calls, but nothing changed, except President is letting me have my last change free of duty. I am officially just a senior companion on a mission to baptize a million before the 18th of october.  
This week for my birthday, the branch threw a little family night party in the house of one of the members. It was super fun, well old people fun. We were in charge of games and we played church jeopardy. It was really nice of them and on my bday another sister made me a cake. I felt loved. thanks for the money, its all going towards stuff that is super cheesey that says Uruguay. 
We had a really good week. We were not able to talk to the C family because they went out of town but we did set up English class with F and his friends, and also the nephew of a member and some friends need help. Thats like 6 nonmembers in the church. Amazing. It sounds like they have a pretty rough English teacher. The S family are kinda iffy. He is super excited, but she seems less and less interested every time we go, I think we scared her a little with the word of wisdom. darn it. 
But we fuound a new family, the O's. They weren´t able to go to church, but they want to get baptized, if all goes well, it will be on the 24th of Septiembre. 
We are working or trying to work a lot with the members, and it is way better, we still haven´t gotten it into their heads 100 percent but we´re going around to them.  
My shoes are trashed, or rather, the tops are fine, but the bottoms are kinda messed up. I love it. 
Well this week I start my last change of the mission, so I am going to work my guts out and hopefully we can baptize the 9 people we have with a baptizmal date.
I love you guys a ton.
Elder B

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

29 August 2011

Herro Erryburry!

This week was really good. We had a branch activity on Wednesday to remember the good old days, they played a bunch of old Latino music and food. Then when it was ending and we were helping to clean up the cd switched and they played Elvis and Hotel California, it was like heaven. Then they gave us all the left over sodas. Anyways that's not so much the good part of the week.

We found a killer family. The only problem is that they live really really far away. The members tell us that it is 10 kilometers, or 6 miles away. I doubt it because last night we made the walk in just over an hour, and we had to get 20 contacts on the way. By the way, my shoes are toast. I´m just hoping that my shoes for meetings last until the Seattle airport. Too bad that that is 2 years away. haha

Well anyways, this family is the bees knees. The first time we talked to them we had been knocking doors in the new apartments where everyone says we´ll have no success, but people live there so we go to get our 20 contacts, and we knocked, saw that there was someone there, waited, nobody came, so we left. Then we were like a block away and this kid (F)comes up and asks if we had knocked his door and if so that his mom says to come over because she would like to talk with us. They had a lot of questions about what we do, and how long we´re here and all that, but then we had a killer lesson. All we have been able to talk to is the mom and her four kids. The mom is Sara, and her kids are F he's 13 and G she is 8 and two little ones.

The first lesson we had we talked about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and we left them 3rd Nefi 11. They all read it, G said she read it 5 times. So this time, yesterday, we went back and talked about 3 Nefi 11 and baptism, and they all have a date to be baptized on the 24th of September. The member we took is super cool too, said that she would pass by their house on Sunday to take them to church. Its weird, because they have money, basically all the families I have ever found and or baptized were poor. But I guess Alma is right, blessed are the poor who are humble but even more blessed are the not poor who are humble.

I. and her kids are doing alright we can´t teach them much because it is far, but they are progressing anyways.

The S's, good job on the spelling mom, are doing good. He had to work this Sunday so once again they missed out on church. We taught them the word of wisdom this week and they both smoke and he is a recovering alcoholic. But they want to quit, and tomorrow we are going by their house to set specific goals to get them going.

President taught us that if it is their goal, and not ours, it actually means something to them and we can more fully promise them the blessings they deserve, its an eternal principal, they need to use their agency, we teach them, but they decide to act. We can help them make the goals, but it is valid when they are the ones who set them. Its true.

Thank you a lot for being great parents and teaching me the right way to live and how to do things the right way. You are both great examples to me.

I love you tons
elder hawkobsen

Monday, August 22, 2011

22 August 2011

Hey family.

You'll have bells on? I might just ask for an extension... eight hours in Chile, that stinks, but I´m sure we´ll find someone to talk to haha.

I´m so jealous that you got to see a free concert in the Seattle Center, I saw Macklemore on that same stage, he is the man. That center is full of great memories, like freaklife festival.

We had zone conference this week. it was really good, but made me feel old. I was the oldest missionary there, and two of the sisters were in their last change, so they had to give their testimony in front of everyone. Next change that will be me. Oh boy. Anyways, Pres talked about working with the members, helping THEM share the gospel, you know, the way missionary work is supposed to be done.

Its super fun, new, but fun, and I really feel like it will work. That and I´m gonna be doing a lot of what we are teaching members when I get home in two years. haha. On that note, I have been thinking a lot about what you said about C, how he has been going to church with you guys. Do the missionaries even know? If you don´t think he is ready to listen, you should at least get him around the missionaries a lot. It makes sense in his situation to be nervous about going all out with him, but it sounds to me like he is pretty prepared. he is a super cool kid anyways.

Our week actually went pretty good. We found a family that the missionaries used to teach back in the day and they are awesome. Its a lady with 10 kids. yeah, 10. The only issue is that they live like 5 miles from the church. It was a long day the day we went out for them.

But it´ll definitely be worth it if they start coming to church. they all want to be baptized too.

D and D couldn´t come to church this week because he has kidney stones. Poor guy worked extra hard Friday and Saturday so he wouldn´t have to on Sunday and then he gets sick. She was also sick on Sunday. rrrgg. But they do have the paper work started for their wedding. So at least one concern is getting taken care of. Keep praying for them, they need all the help they can get.

I´m super jealous that you guys are going to ride in Yellowstone.

Sounds like a blast, they let you right? probably.

Well i love you guys a lot.

No I do not shave 1 leg anymore. Sorry if that disappoints you.

elder B

Monday, August 15, 2011

15 August 2011

What up thug.What? What up thug. What? What up thug. What? What up gangster.

Hey yáll, in this cyber (Internet place) the guy has been bumpin fitty cent for the last 20 minutes and its killing me. That guy has a mouth on him shoot. I also can´t sit still with out at least nodding my head to the beat.

So the subject of this weeks email. Gays. Remember A, from like 2 weeks ago? We had a good lesson with him, and met some guy that lives with him, at least 20 years older. So we assume he was the father. False. Last Monday night we had a lesson with them, and I asked, so are you guys family? The older, F, responded as non chalantly as can be, no, we´re a couple. You should have seen my face. I had to keep it straight, but on the inside I was DYING. We finished the lesson, turned the corner and I just let it out! WHAT!?!? gays!? hahahahhahahaha. But really, a gay couple. But they had some interest, so we went back on Saturday night and taught them about the Book of Mormon. super spiritual lesson, and they committed themselves to read it. I have NO IDEA how to teach them that they can´t make gay and get baptized, but we´ll have to pray a lot. Cuz being gay isn´t the sin, making gay is. But they definitely felt the Spirit.

Also the family S of awesomeness didn´t make it to church, but they are progressing with the scriptures and really want to get baptized, today we are going with a member and we´ll teach the importance of going to church every Sunday.

I have zero flight plans, I don´t get them till right before I leave.

Maybe you should email the mission office to find out. Lets not pull an RM.

Today I officially turn 22 months old. flip. AAAHHHH I'M LIKE THE CRYPT KEEPER!!!

We gave talks yesterday, it was good. I talked about missionary work with the members. My comp talked about the doctrine of Christ. I was the concluding speaker, I felt pretty cool.
No news from the BYU yet?

I met a guy from Georgia the other day, he is a southern baptist and won´t change, says he, but it was good to do a contact in English with someone who actually speaks it. Southern accent and everything.

Well have a good week.
I love y´all.
elder hakobsen

Monday, August 8, 2011

8 August 2011

Hello familia

I got your package last weeek, it was the best ever. And then this week I got email letters from all the kiddos, awesome, I can´t believe what S almost did on high adventure, ps if you don´t know about that story I didn´t say anything. Oh yeah, there is an elder in my zone who lives in Beaverton, Elder W. He plays football and got a scholarship to U of O, but turned it down to play at the Y. He is an oro, and he is super funny.

Anyways, the work. We are focusing on working with the members, helping them share the gospel with their friends, it is starting kind of slow, but we are starting to get it around. On our own this week we found a family. The S's. They are d and d and their 4 kids, N(10), J(7), F(6ish), and L(5ish). They used to listen to the mishaladies, but lost touch this last summer. They talk about how the Spirit comes to their house when we teach them, and how their kids are calmer in the lessons and how even afterwords the kids sleep better. They weren´t able to go to church this week, but they are on track to get baptized soon. They live a hard life, but they are great people please to pray for them.

About the pants, I meant like long john type pants, but if you can´t find any or its too late no worries, you can just give me the late bday present of being at the airport when I get home, oh yeah, did you get the flight plans? Other elders from my group said their parents already have them. Not that I´m trunky, I just don´t want you to pull an RM on me hahaha.

My companion is still wicked awesome, I taught him how to throw cards this morning, and we ate rock hard brownies that I made last night, they hardened overnight and I had to use a knife to get them out of the pan today.

This last weeks district meeting was awesome, we started by reading about Nefi´s broken bow and we related it to missionary work, having faith, involving the members and having to change plans, we got a lot more out of it than I expected it was a really spiritual moment. Then we talked about the ways members can help and we practiced to talk to the members, it went really smooth, we did it as a counsel not as an Elder Barry lecture, and I liked it a lot.

This week we had a ward counsel meeting, and it was really good, the branch hasn´t had any excitement or even meetings of leaders for a while, so there is a lot of work to do, but it was really good, I was able to speak up in it, voice my opinion and I feel like this place is going to go through some big changes, I just hope they let me stay here to see some results.
Thank you for being such a great family.
I love you a ton.
Elder Barry

Monday, August 1, 2011

1 August 2011

Herro errybody!

How is it hangin?

So I´d like to start this e-mail off with a story. This week we were out doing contacts in a part of the area called la Aguada and I was in a terrible mood. Basically I was ready to bust some faces in. Our awesome investigator D had just ditched us and all of the contacts were jerks. But then as we clapped a door, my comp kinda made a face and he paused before talking to the lady. I thought it was kinda strange, but shook it off. She refused, big surprise, and then he was like ¡dang! I was like... what. He said look! and pointed to his pants. The dog of the last contact had walked past us and in the split second when he brushed against my companion he URINATED all over his pants. Whats more, it was a cold windy day, so he got to freeze his leg off with every gust of wind. And all the dogs for the rest of the day ran up and sniffed his leg. I laughed my fanny off.

Anyways... this week, it was a high stress week. Basically all of our investigators decided that they were too cool for school. We´re stuck almost starting over. We did find an awesome guy, A. His sister recently passed away and we talked about how he can see her again. It was a spiritual lesson, but he didn´t have time to let us into his house, we´re going back today at seven. Nobody came to church, and I think that P and L are avoiding us. But in better news, my scabies is gone! just a couple scars are left. But they´re mission scars so its all good.

My new companion, elder E is awesome. He is from Chile and only has two changes in the mission. He is good and obedient and we get along really well. Today we had steak sandwiches for lunch and cleaned the house like madmen.

Its super weird how old I am getting. Last week hermana K, the one who talked alot when I was her dl, went home. Crazy. Both elder T and elder M from the mtc are the assistants, and everyone else from our district in the mtc is a district leader. I counted the days I have left the other day but I don´t want to say it, its scary and makes me a little sad. I am going to miss this place.

Not that I don´t miss you guys, but I am gonna cry like a baby when they make me go home.

Anyways, we have hope and faith to keep the la Paloma train going, keep up the good work back in m-ville I love you guys a ton.

elder b

Monday, July 25, 2011

25 July 2011


So this week we worked our flipping tails off. We had lots of lessons with a member present and have some investigators that are progressing like crazy. Right now it looks like we´re toast for July, because P and L didn´t go to church yesterday, they were out of town visiting their father. Darn it family values! We had a member pass by their house, I called them Saturday night, and left a note for them. The other investigator that we had that could have gotten baptized this Saturday is A, but we found out this weekend that he is living with his girlfriend. They have been together for years but not married. So he has to get married to get baptized. He is awesome. He came to church this Sunday and participated a lot in the class. I had to give the class, and a talk. The class was about family responsabilities, and one of our new converts went on a rant about how we have to be married in order to have kids and live together, I felt so bad for A, he didn´t know he was sinning. I switched the subject quick, he has to know it, but we should be the ones to let him know, not the members in a rant.

We also had two other investigators go to church, they are cool, but don´t want to progress, depressing, but that's life. whats life? a game.

So last night we got change calls. I am staying but my companion is a goner. He is going to be with elder M! The Mexican American that I lived with when I was with C. I am going to be with a Latino who I know nothing about, Elder E, I think. And I am district leader. Just us and one other companionship, but it should be tight. Its been a while since I had an assignment.

I´m glad that girly camp went well, I always loved church camps, except that 50 mile torture. The camping was fun, the walking made me want to punch someone. Not that bad. Maybe I´d do it again. We got close in those trips. I felt a lot of unity, and BO.

You´re right pops, I am officially stinkin old in a month and a half.

I don´t really need anything this year, I loved the cake mix last year, some thermal type pants that are dark colored, to work in (its winter and flippin cold in the beach town), and some contact solution. I need a little bit of money to buy gifts for yáll, The more generously you give me, the cooler stuff you get haha. Plus like a million alfajores and dulce de leche guay style.

Speaking of Guay, they won la Copa America! The soccer cup of South America. Last night was the final, we studied during the game and then there was a huge parade in the main street here. So we did a couple contacts and visited a less active family. Woo. Go Guay. They beat Paraguay 3 to 0.

Oh, with the temple recommend, the one given to a missionary usually just lasts three months after he gets home from the mission. Not sure why, but es lo que hay.

Well, I hope you have a great week.

I love you all a ton.

Elder Barry