Monday, July 25, 2011

25 July 2011


So this week we worked our flipping tails off. We had lots of lessons with a member present and have some investigators that are progressing like crazy. Right now it looks like we´re toast for July, because P and L didn´t go to church yesterday, they were out of town visiting their father. Darn it family values! We had a member pass by their house, I called them Saturday night, and left a note for them. The other investigator that we had that could have gotten baptized this Saturday is A, but we found out this weekend that he is living with his girlfriend. They have been together for years but not married. So he has to get married to get baptized. He is awesome. He came to church this Sunday and participated a lot in the class. I had to give the class, and a talk. The class was about family responsabilities, and one of our new converts went on a rant about how we have to be married in order to have kids and live together, I felt so bad for A, he didn´t know he was sinning. I switched the subject quick, he has to know it, but we should be the ones to let him know, not the members in a rant.

We also had two other investigators go to church, they are cool, but don´t want to progress, depressing, but that's life. whats life? a game.

So last night we got change calls. I am staying but my companion is a goner. He is going to be with elder M! The Mexican American that I lived with when I was with C. I am going to be with a Latino who I know nothing about, Elder E, I think. And I am district leader. Just us and one other companionship, but it should be tight. Its been a while since I had an assignment.

I´m glad that girly camp went well, I always loved church camps, except that 50 mile torture. The camping was fun, the walking made me want to punch someone. Not that bad. Maybe I´d do it again. We got close in those trips. I felt a lot of unity, and BO.

You´re right pops, I am officially stinkin old in a month and a half.

I don´t really need anything this year, I loved the cake mix last year, some thermal type pants that are dark colored, to work in (its winter and flippin cold in the beach town), and some contact solution. I need a little bit of money to buy gifts for yáll, The more generously you give me, the cooler stuff you get haha. Plus like a million alfajores and dulce de leche guay style.

Speaking of Guay, they won la Copa America! The soccer cup of South America. Last night was the final, we studied during the game and then there was a huge parade in the main street here. So we did a couple contacts and visited a less active family. Woo. Go Guay. They beat Paraguay 3 to 0.

Oh, with the temple recommend, the one given to a missionary usually just lasts three months after he gets home from the mission. Not sure why, but es lo que hay.

Well, I hope you have a great week.

I love you all a ton.

Elder Barry

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