Monday, August 1, 2011

1 August 2011

Herro errybody!

How is it hangin?

So I´d like to start this e-mail off with a story. This week we were out doing contacts in a part of the area called la Aguada and I was in a terrible mood. Basically I was ready to bust some faces in. Our awesome investigator D had just ditched us and all of the contacts were jerks. But then as we clapped a door, my comp kinda made a face and he paused before talking to the lady. I thought it was kinda strange, but shook it off. She refused, big surprise, and then he was like ¡dang! I was like... what. He said look! and pointed to his pants. The dog of the last contact had walked past us and in the split second when he brushed against my companion he URINATED all over his pants. Whats more, it was a cold windy day, so he got to freeze his leg off with every gust of wind. And all the dogs for the rest of the day ran up and sniffed his leg. I laughed my fanny off.

Anyways... this week, it was a high stress week. Basically all of our investigators decided that they were too cool for school. We´re stuck almost starting over. We did find an awesome guy, A. His sister recently passed away and we talked about how he can see her again. It was a spiritual lesson, but he didn´t have time to let us into his house, we´re going back today at seven. Nobody came to church, and I think that P and L are avoiding us. But in better news, my scabies is gone! just a couple scars are left. But they´re mission scars so its all good.

My new companion, elder E is awesome. He is from Chile and only has two changes in the mission. He is good and obedient and we get along really well. Today we had steak sandwiches for lunch and cleaned the house like madmen.

Its super weird how old I am getting. Last week hermana K, the one who talked alot when I was her dl, went home. Crazy. Both elder T and elder M from the mtc are the assistants, and everyone else from our district in the mtc is a district leader. I counted the days I have left the other day but I don´t want to say it, its scary and makes me a little sad. I am going to miss this place.

Not that I don´t miss you guys, but I am gonna cry like a baby when they make me go home.

Anyways, we have hope and faith to keep the la Paloma train going, keep up the good work back in m-ville I love you guys a ton.

elder b

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