Monday, August 15, 2011

15 August 2011

What up thug.What? What up thug. What? What up thug. What? What up gangster.

Hey yáll, in this cyber (Internet place) the guy has been bumpin fitty cent for the last 20 minutes and its killing me. That guy has a mouth on him shoot. I also can´t sit still with out at least nodding my head to the beat.

So the subject of this weeks email. Gays. Remember A, from like 2 weeks ago? We had a good lesson with him, and met some guy that lives with him, at least 20 years older. So we assume he was the father. False. Last Monday night we had a lesson with them, and I asked, so are you guys family? The older, F, responded as non chalantly as can be, no, we´re a couple. You should have seen my face. I had to keep it straight, but on the inside I was DYING. We finished the lesson, turned the corner and I just let it out! WHAT!?!? gays!? hahahahhahahaha. But really, a gay couple. But they had some interest, so we went back on Saturday night and taught them about the Book of Mormon. super spiritual lesson, and they committed themselves to read it. I have NO IDEA how to teach them that they can´t make gay and get baptized, but we´ll have to pray a lot. Cuz being gay isn´t the sin, making gay is. But they definitely felt the Spirit.

Also the family S of awesomeness didn´t make it to church, but they are progressing with the scriptures and really want to get baptized, today we are going with a member and we´ll teach the importance of going to church every Sunday.

I have zero flight plans, I don´t get them till right before I leave.

Maybe you should email the mission office to find out. Lets not pull an RM.

Today I officially turn 22 months old. flip. AAAHHHH I'M LIKE THE CRYPT KEEPER!!!

We gave talks yesterday, it was good. I talked about missionary work with the members. My comp talked about the doctrine of Christ. I was the concluding speaker, I felt pretty cool.
No news from the BYU yet?

I met a guy from Georgia the other day, he is a southern baptist and won´t change, says he, but it was good to do a contact in English with someone who actually speaks it. Southern accent and everything.

Well have a good week.
I love y´all.
elder hakobsen

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