Wednesday, August 31, 2011

29 August 2011

Herro Erryburry!

This week was really good. We had a branch activity on Wednesday to remember the good old days, they played a bunch of old Latino music and food. Then when it was ending and we were helping to clean up the cd switched and they played Elvis and Hotel California, it was like heaven. Then they gave us all the left over sodas. Anyways that's not so much the good part of the week.

We found a killer family. The only problem is that they live really really far away. The members tell us that it is 10 kilometers, or 6 miles away. I doubt it because last night we made the walk in just over an hour, and we had to get 20 contacts on the way. By the way, my shoes are toast. I´m just hoping that my shoes for meetings last until the Seattle airport. Too bad that that is 2 years away. haha

Well anyways, this family is the bees knees. The first time we talked to them we had been knocking doors in the new apartments where everyone says we´ll have no success, but people live there so we go to get our 20 contacts, and we knocked, saw that there was someone there, waited, nobody came, so we left. Then we were like a block away and this kid (F)comes up and asks if we had knocked his door and if so that his mom says to come over because she would like to talk with us. They had a lot of questions about what we do, and how long we´re here and all that, but then we had a killer lesson. All we have been able to talk to is the mom and her four kids. The mom is Sara, and her kids are F he's 13 and G she is 8 and two little ones.

The first lesson we had we talked about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and we left them 3rd Nefi 11. They all read it, G said she read it 5 times. So this time, yesterday, we went back and talked about 3 Nefi 11 and baptism, and they all have a date to be baptized on the 24th of September. The member we took is super cool too, said that she would pass by their house on Sunday to take them to church. Its weird, because they have money, basically all the families I have ever found and or baptized were poor. But I guess Alma is right, blessed are the poor who are humble but even more blessed are the not poor who are humble.

I. and her kids are doing alright we can´t teach them much because it is far, but they are progressing anyways.

The S's, good job on the spelling mom, are doing good. He had to work this Sunday so once again they missed out on church. We taught them the word of wisdom this week and they both smoke and he is a recovering alcoholic. But they want to quit, and tomorrow we are going by their house to set specific goals to get them going.

President taught us that if it is their goal, and not ours, it actually means something to them and we can more fully promise them the blessings they deserve, its an eternal principal, they need to use their agency, we teach them, but they decide to act. We can help them make the goals, but it is valid when they are the ones who set them. Its true.

Thank you a lot for being great parents and teaching me the right way to live and how to do things the right way. You are both great examples to me.

I love you tons
elder hawkobsen

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