Monday, July 11, 2011

11 July 2011

That's so cool that you guys did the STP!!!!

Woo yeah! Congrats, next year I´m in. If you still do it. This week was dece. We worked hard, found some more new people, but had some hard times. Yesterday was quite the day. We left at like 3 something in the afternoon to work and had a bunch of things planned, and everything failed. 100% fail. We walked and walked and walked, somehow we made it out alive. I was so frustrated because I felt like we had worked hard and we had some good prospects, but faaa. What a day.

Also, nobody came to church, but we`ll fix that yet. Our branch (rama) had an attendance of 26 members yesterday, the record for what I've seen so far. Some less actives came.

My scabies is doing a lot better, my little friends didn´t enjoy the creme I had to put on my body, neither did I but I think it has helped. I was itching like a mad man, I couldn´t stop scratching, I´m afraid I´m gonna have scars on my gut from this, oh well, what a great mission story.

This week we went out with the stake presidency, well I guess its the district presidency, since we are not yet a stake, and visited families. It was a really good experience. I was with the 2nd counselor and the secretary. They are both under 30 years old. The secretary got home in 2010 from his mission in Las Vegas. He speaks decent English, but he served a Spanish speaking mission there. They had the spirit really strong, even though they were two goof balls, I have realized that it is important to be obedient, but we have to have our own style. Lots of missionaries are obedient, but they try to copy president, or they lose their personality and instead of polishing themselves they end up flat robot suckups. Its hard to find the balance, sometimes I realize that I haven´t laughed for a couple days, but I have to be elder Barry. Its a lot funner that way, yes funner is a word. And if I stay obedient, the Spirit is even stronger.

The church is true, people have to get baptized to be able to receive the fullness of the blessings of God. Its the door to the path of eternal life, not the end, but the beginning.

have a good semana

I love you all

Elder Barry

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