Monday, July 4, 2011

4 July 2011

Wow way to go djokovic!! Always knew that he was the man... I can´tbelieve that this week is already the STP, this year is flying. Good luck on that, I know you guys will do awesome. Just summon your eagle powers. This week we found some awesome new people. One family, a mom, C, a dad, W, and daughter, L. The daughter is like 25ish, and she is a journalist, we talked a little about that, and the whole family is super awesome, we have a lesson planned with them in the next couple days and it should be amazing, they would help our little branch out a lot. We need priesthood. and younger people.

We had to go down to the doctor the other day for my comps knee, and he has to get a scan on it this week, yay for 3 hours on the bus each way! Also, I have had a weird rash type thing for a while and it itches like crazy so I called the doctor and he says I have scabies. I think that stupid armadillo really did give me leprosy! I had to put creme on my whole body and leave it all night the other night and take all my underwear and sheets to the laundromat so they could get scabie free. What a good mission story, my grandkids are going to tell that one to all of their friends, oh yeah, well my grampa got scabies on the mission!

We walked flipping 90 miles this week, it doesn´t bother me but my poor comp is not used to walking so much and has a bum knee. But it definitely payed off, these people that we found are tight. Plus yesterday in church a member brought a friend, and the friend is super golden. we are visiting her with the member this week. She could get baptized as soon as the 16th.

Well, happy fourth of july family, hope you have a great day. say hello to america for me.
Elder B

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