Monday, June 27, 2011

27 June 2011

Hey fam

How goes it. I am your son Elder Barry, I am serving in La Paloma Uruguay, and it is suuuuper windy. Gotta love it. It is actually not that cold, it is pretty cold, and will get colder, but by the way people talked about it here you´d think it was like negative 90 outside. That is so cool that CJ got a job, or rather two jobs. you might need to take advantage of that discount while she is there, that is incredible.

My companion hits four months on the mission this next week, he started in march, this is still his first area. Back when we were allowed to use bikes, he crashed pretty hard, and his knee still hurts, so we are going downtown to the Deo to get him checked out mañana. He should be fine, I hope.

I know how you feel about it being weird for me to be in a new area, you have no idea how hard it is for me to not call paso carrasco and ask about my people, but for obedience we get blessings, right? We had a pretty good week though, we had very few set lessons, but we found six new people and set some baptismal dates. Two of the guys we found are amazing, they are named L and P. They just let us in the other day like it was nothing. We had a great lesson about the restoration and L said that he would get baptized. So golden.

I am still lost in the area so I have to follow my comp, but once we get into the lessons its like the elder B show. I thought that knowing the language meant you always know what to say, but it looks like even native speakers don´t know what to say at the beginning. So I have to do it right so he gets good habits. I like him though. I found a jump rope in the house and lately I have been jumping quite a bit, its fun and I sweat my guts out. My calves hurt like heck, hopefully my endurance will get better for cycling in two years when I get home ;).

We had stake conference yesterday, and I learned so much, about the temple and what I need to do to be better. I love the spirit. I have a notebook where I write my impressions and it is filling up really fast lately haha.

well I love you guys.
have a killer week.
Elder Barry
ps. its all true.
go to the temple lots, I only get to go once a year, so go for me

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