Monday, June 13, 2011

13 June 2011

hey fam.
We finally had a baptism go through this week!!! yay!! C, the soccer kid. I got to baptize him, hopefully my pictures can get through, these computers are pretty ghetto. But its only 5 pesos (25 cents) per hour, so no complaints. The first picture is from last week´s almost baptism, and then from this weeks success.

Yesterday in church my companion and i both gave talks in sacrament meeting, and the new ward mission leader gave a talk too. Bet you´ll never guess the subject, missionary work. But instead of talking about giving us referrals and helping us, I talked about the doctrine of Christ, or, baptism and its importance. I have learned a lot about the subject in these last few months, and so I talked about the absolute necessity of the ordinance and the great blessings we all have received for being baptized, I was nervous, but when I got up there, I felt pretty good, and I was even able to freestyle for a bit. talks are a lot more fun when you look up and don´t just read the whole time.

That is cool that you have been doing a lot of yard work, I bet that mom is having a blast. and that ride with Dad must have kicked his heinie, that guy a maniac.

Yesterday at church we had three investigators. It was less than we expected, but still cool. D and S were there and I. She came alone to church, I was so impressed. Maybe someday she will be able to get baptized. For now, she fell back into smoking, unfortunately, and I think the issue still exists with her son, darn it.

So i put some more pictures on here. The first three are baptism slash fail. Then the other two are me with D and S, and me with Laura´s dog. They named it hacobsen, hahaha. It is going to be really sad to leave this area. There are a lot of people I have become really close to.

This week we had a really cool zone conference with a member of the 70, Elder Foster. He showed us the importance of working with members, and taught us some really shveet doctrine on prayer, it was impressive. The Spirit was sooooo strong. We are actually doing really well with the members in this area. They always want to help, and so we almost always have a member with us in important lessons, it is so much more effective, now we just need to level up one more and get them to share with their friends so we don´t have to proselyte hahaha. But now I am gone to a new area, so hopefully we can win over the members there.

I got A's first letter, it was super good. I can´t believe he is with elder H, that's nuts.

I got sick this week. Ralphed in a members bathroom during lunch. Super embarrassing. but hey, thats life. whats life? a game...

I love you guys a ton. peace
elder barry

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