Monday, July 18, 2011

18 July 2011

Hey mom, that quote is from I wish that I had duck feet, by Dr Seuss. Man, if I could replace all the unneeded information in my brain with scriptures I swear I´d put Elder Holland to shame.

Me and another gringo elder were talking the other day and we decided that you could put on any EFY song from the last 10 years and we could name the song the year and sing the whole thing. That's what happens when you limit our music selection to anything under 500 songs haha.

So this week we worked HARD. Our baptismal goal for the month is two and this month we have to report to President himself on how we did on our goal. aka, ramp up the stress on Elder B for the whole month. We got to Saturday night with three good investigators who have a baptismal date for the 30th and all promised to go to church, had a transport to get there and everything. Super stoked was I.

False. Nobody went to church. zip zero zilch. Oh boy. We even tried to contact them while we were at church so they could make it to the last hour, but nope. So its gonna take a miracle and a lot of creativity to get that goal completed. si se puede! si se puede! Our branch presidency got changed this week, the president is now named P, his counselor is LN. Both of them are less active members, as far as I have seen, but it should be really great. Big things are going to happen here in la Paloma.

I had an interview with President this week. It was really great. We didn´t have much time, but he started out by saying, Elder, I feel good. I really feel like you have had a change of heart. Wow. That helped me out quite a bit, we hadn´t had too much luck that week, so I was down. But he made my day. Then he renewed my temple recommend. So I´m covered until January 2012.

Woo yeah! So we had a dece week. What a bummer about the flood and the power rangers wedgies, I´ll keep that on my mind, can´t forget the image that put in my head. Love you guys a lot elder B

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