Monday, October 3, 2011

3 October 2011 (never thought this month would get here!)

Well that was a super good conference. I enjoyed it a lot. for some random reason the talk about men raising their daughters really hit me, I loved that talk. Also the great talk by Elder Holland about Satan was super powerful, but only the men saw that one. That is awesome that Sam got to be the mascot, I don´t have time to write him now, but I will write him by hand, hopefully it gets there before I do.

G. went to conference with us on Saturday, but left before it ended, I didn´t see her because I was in the gringo room, but I was super stoked that she came. She is on line for the 15th, which btw is my last saturday in the field... 

This week we didn´t have high numbers, but the few lessons we had were really good and directly helping investigators to progress. For example, we saw the family S and talked about baptizm. I asked if D could really see himself baptized. He said, baptised yeah, but married no. Then other D chimed in and said that during the day she had gotten this FEELING that why not get married, what the heck, just do it. So she talked him into it. They are getting a date this week to get married later in the month. The spirit works in mysterious ways. 

I love the gospel and I know its true. I got my fight plans this week. Super weird, but the idea of leaving is becoming acceptable to me. I am used to the idea, kinda, and I feel good. Which is saying something.
I love you guys a lot.

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