Monday, September 26, 2011

26 September 2011 (24 days and counting!)

Hello family. heck yes i am going to send emails home on the 17th! it might be lame, but it will be an email. that's cool that you finished the roof, I´m glad that I don´t have to play 14 feet off the ground with you guys.

Anyways, the area. la paloma. how goes la paloma. yesterday in church we had TWO INVESTIGATORS!!! the one that we are more excited about is named G. We have been talking to her for about two weeks, and we almost stopped visiting her because it seemed like she wasn´t really understanding. But the other day we passed by with a member and G. was having issues and she said that she needed the gospel. Then on Saturday we went by and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith repentance baptism holy ghost endure til the end ) and she said that she would get baptized and we set up for the member taxi to pass by her house. It did . She came with her 4 year old C. The first hour of church we were all together for relief society and priesthood. The stake presidency talked about the correct order of the church and that only leaders can get revelation for the branch. it was way good, but there was like 90 things that they talked about that G had never heard before. She laughed out loud the first time they called our group a branch of the church, and then the priesthood and all that stuff. my oh my. But she seemed pretty enthusiatic about church and like she is going to continue. But that was basically the longest hour of my life, just hoping that she didn´t get offended or misunderstand in a bad way. Tomorrow we are going to set the date with her for the 15th of October. We´re pretty excited, but the C´s are out of town and the navy family just got back the other day, hopefully we can stay in contact with them. Good thing they have member friends.

I love you guys all a lot. keep it real.
elder b
I´ll try to talk to Sister L. at changes to tell her that I will see her bro.(There is a missionary serving in our ward who's sister is serving in Barry's mission! Small world... ~Jenny)

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