Friday, September 23, 2011

19 Sept. 2011

Sadly, we only had one investigator in church yesterday, a granddaughter of the relief society president. But... we had a member family be missionaries this week! They had their neighbors over this Tuesday when we came over. We got to know them the first time, and they accepted to hear more and on Friday night we taught them the restoration and they said that they will get baptized when they know its true. It was one of the most spiritual charlas ever. The best. They couldn´t go to church because he is in the navy with the member guy and he had to work, military work isn´t something you can just skip out on. But we are really pumped to see them, because most of the other people we have we weren´t able to see this week, super frustrating, the C´s were out of town and the S's were visiting family when we tried to go. But we at least saw them once, we restarted them with the Book of Mormon. but the greatest part of the week was A and A, they are the friends of the members. they are so cool, because they are normal, she says that she knows how to make cupcakes so in the next lesson she owes us them. She was sick on Friday, so she wasn´t going to come, but she decided that they weren´t going to ditch us. YEAH BABY! This is exactly what we are trying to go for. This family wouldn´t have ever had the chance to talk to missionaries because we aren´t allowed to knock doors on the military base where they live, but if they keep on going in the route they´re going they will be an eternal family (tear drop...) I love teaching normal people.

I´m glad you guys prayed about the roof thing, you better be careful, wait until I get home to have catastrophes, okay?
dang Utes.
Never thought I would say that.
I´m glad C is a menace already I was nervous for her. But she is awesome and rad so there was no reason to worry.

I love you guys a ton my dear family, there aren´t too many of these emails left.

I realized this week that when I left on this great journey I wasn´t really ready to be adult. I have been through a lot out here. It has been rough at times, but overall the happiest time of my life. I feel like now I am finally at the point to where I am ready to be a missionary, and its time to come home. I think I grew up. a little :)
elder b
love ya

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