Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 12

Love movie quotes!!!!!!

S is gonna be the king of scripture bowl after the W's are gone, I am glad he got competitive, I knew my bro had a competitive edge....

I am glad you got the stuff in the mail, I go on big alfajor crazes, today I had four, because we went on a hike and had to bring a lunch, and of course I had to have dessert to go with my tuna. They are all pretty cheap, the black one is definitely in my top three jores, because of all of the dulce de leche, I love that stuff. an expensive jor costs like 75 cents, but you can get some pretty good ones for like 30-40 cents. And the thing about Uruguay is there are little stores, Almacenes, on like every corner, so i have the alfajor temptation hitting me about every 12.64 seconds as we are walking around, but i carry change in my pocket, to fulfill my daily dulce need.

I miss mountain dew so much, you are so lucky to be going up to Canada to get some...(in Canada they sell Mt. Dew w/o caffeine) That guy in the bike race averaged 25 mph?!?!?! That's crazy, I can hit 25 on flat ground pumping my guts out, but I could never average that, not with my alfajor gut. I am so excited to be a cycle geek when i get home, seeing cyclists here just makes me want to get on my bike and ride!

My comp leaves on transfer, change is what we call it, day, and from there he chills with pres and leaves the next day for home. so I get my new comp next Tuesday, so my email won´t come until Tuesday.

Crazy traditions? well they all go crazy about soccer, but you know that already. and on the 29th everyone makes this pasta stuff called nioquis, or something like that. they are like little pasta balls filled with the inside of french fries, they are pretty good, no idea why the 29th though. I will ask around for more this week and get back to you...
I love you dad.
elder barry j

I am so excited about S's play, he is going to be awesome, that nazi kid...(Sound of Music at the High School.)

That is cool to hear about A going to USU!! He is going to be a killer missionary, I´ll probably train him... he trained me in parkour, so i could return the favor... that is so cool that he is way good now, I wish I had tried harder at that, well, I guess that´ll be my life goal when I get home hahaha.

My reading, I just started 2nd Nephi, so I am behind, but as long as I finish at some point, president promised blessings... I really like doing the activities.

The movie, reeses pieces is ET, I knew it, hahaha... I have read about that before, and I am a genius with too much random stuff in my head. I am glad you liked the alfajores, they are the best thing ever. Tell K to have a blast in Rexburg.
i love you a ton Mom. talk to you in a week.
Elder Barry

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David B. Farstead said...

Its crazy how similar his mission is to mine. I was in Buenos Aires Argentina and in one area, I was close enough to see the lights of Montevideo across the water.

Anyway, gnocchi on the 29th is a tradition because its usually the day before pay-day and it is a very, very cheap meal to make. They make them from scratch down there (like everything else) and they are soooo good.

And alfajors are just heaven. Blancos, negros, triples, capitan del espacio for a dime. Its all the food an Elder needs. Or maybe some milanesas, or some chori pan, or some facturas. And definately some yerba mate (though not all missions allow it). Good times.

Glad to hear he's doing well. Wait until World Cup (aka, Mundial), it will be crazy down there. Don't try knocking doors when a game is on, the whole country shuts down.