Tuesday, April 6, 2010

February 22, 2010

We both got sick again, I thought it was just allergies, but it was more. It was the flu, and we were out for almost 24 hours straight. so we just like chilled in bed and ordered food. It was the kind of sick where you feel fine, until you stand up, then you have no energy and just want to fall over. But now its all good.

We had some good investigators and lessons this week, we found S again, but it rained on Sunday, so none of them came to church. In one of our wards we hardly even had members. There was 5 or 6 of us in priesthood, including the missionaries. It was hilarious though because the president still stood up on the stage and timidly read off anouncements to all six of us.

I got the picture of the bike cave and it is way awesome, it makes me want to train like a madman. I have decided that i am going to be a bike geek in college and go on lots of rides.

One of our branches has like more primary kids than adults, its awesome, but they always have the whole primary together for the whole thing. This week we are doing a ward activity watching a movie, monsters vs aliens, yesss i am stoked.

We saw the highlights fom the USA Canada hockey game it was brilliant.

Me and my comp played uno last night, and I lost 15 games in a row. the score is 763 to zero. I am a disgrace to the family. I can´t believe how expensive that stuff was. The olympics I mean. they must make a killing off of it.

I wish I could watch the olympics with you guys. I don´t think that I will need money for a little while but I will let you know.

Did i tell you that we have a guitar in the apartment? I love it.

Well it was good to hear from you guys, I love you so much. ride hard and party it down.
Talk at you later.

Elder Barry

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