Thursday, April 8, 2010

March 22 Baptism date set

Oh great, now I have guilt.... TOY STORY!!!

Dude that is so cool about being the duct tape family, because that is what I am known for here! I made a bag out of duct tape, but the strap was poorly made, so its just a box now, still legit. I also taught 2 elders so far how to do it, but I can´t find any more tape. for S's b day you could give him a cardboard cut out of me, or, man I don´t know a keytar, you know a keyboard that had a strap like a guitar, then he could form his pop-punk band... he has the hair for it hahaha.

Elder B did Parkour at the same park that I did it at with A, weird eh? I miss cycling so much, I see cycle nerds go past all the time and I get sad pains in my spleen. we borrow bikes from these members every once in a while, but since I am shorter I have to use the small slow bike, its super discouraging when my comp rides way faster than me and I am more tired, but at least it is a bike...

I love you, and this week we talked to the plumbers mom and in the first time seeing her we set a baptismal date, she was super prepared and the Spirit was way strong. Thank you for your great support, I am sending good stuff home soon, as long as the post office quits being stupid, rrrg that lady makes me angry, every time I go in there I end up breaking a new rule they have and can´t send my stuff, I think I am going to burn that place down soon, just don´t tell president, cuz i don´t want to go home hahahaha.

Yeah you´re right, giving the dog away was way harder than saving it, there are so many million dogs here that if someone wanted one they could just walk out into the street and take their pick.

We got another lady on date this week! She is so solid, and the members are totally befriending her, awesome! after church we had a quick lesson with her, just explaining how to fill a tithing slip out, they are different here, and one sister came in with us and basically taught the whole lesson.

Afterwards they were just talking, exchanging numbers and becoming buds, I love our members so much. And then this week, a family in our ward is going to do a family night with her and us, all their idea. This lady, A, is going to be such a stellar member. Her first week she answered a question in Sunday school, woo yeah. so now we have two baptisms the 3rd of April, in between conference sessions, so hopefully we can get members to come. I am so excited to actually have a baptism.

By the way, thank you for Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack, you are going to regret that one in two years, cuz I will have all of it memorized and I will sing it all the time, also the Trace Bundy is spectacular.

Yay Henry!!! I loved not for pot too, it cracks me up that you put that on C's money. I knew exactly what that was from I love that movie. And Hancock is flippin hilarious.

I love you, Elder Barry

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