Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March 1 The Hat

So this hat, don´t worry its not a cowboy hat, its more like an Indiana Jones hat, basically its the best. Apparently it is water proof, that's what the guy said. People dig it, and it'll keep me from getting skin cancer so I am okay with it.

It is the end of the world as we know it, so many places are quaking, its crazy. we didn´t feel anything here, but we probably will soon at the rate that the end is coming haha. kind of freaky because we live on the fourth floor of a shabbily built apartment.

Today is a national holiday. Pepe Mujica is getting sworn in, we actually watched the speech, it was really boring. He is an old man, slight speech impediment, and socialist, this place is going great places... I read in a paper at the newsstand that Hillary was coming, they probably played rock paper scissors about who would have to come down here. The thing is, that she is just really bad at nose goes. She is like the most famous person to come here since that missionary who was in high school musical, although I think the people were more excited for him. oh by the way, witch is bruja in spanish.

I did have a really cool spiritual experience the other day, we are teaching this guy named C and he had some questions about the family, so during studies, we were going to look for his answers. I said a prayer right before I started for help to find what I needed, then I opened up True to the Faith, and it went to the exact page of families, and I found a way cool thing to share with him. That guy is so cool, and he said he would go to stake conference this Sunday. while we were teaching him the first time this week, I learned more in the lesson than he did. We were talking about Adam and Eve and the concept of the fall all of the sudden became really clear in my mind and it all made sense. I had always believed it, but it wasn´t that clear, but as we were teaching it to C it all clicked. It was such a good feeling, and I was able to explain it in just the way that he needed to hear it, without the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, that lesson would not have been very good at all, but as we were blessed with the help of the Lord, we really got through to him.

Transfers are in a week, but I don´t think I am going anywhere. my comp dies after this change, and President likes to keep people in their areas for a long timeI i am probably going to be here until june, but I like it here.

That is so cool that C, C, and C got their Duty to God awards, especially cool that C did. btw fohawk is spelled weird, its french. For our church party thing we actually watched UP because they didn´t have the other one, but it was hilarious, funnier than I remember it, even though it was in Spanish. I guess the translators were good. Mostly all that we eat here is just pasta with oil on it and meat in it. Its good, just a little boring. but sometimes we get this one desert higos, its kind of like prunes cooked in sugar, but its delicious.

Yes Mom I am happy, my comp loves to talk, and talk, to everyone he just goes and goes, but he is a great guy, I just need to be paciente he works like crazy so it will be awesome. This week we had two new investigators in church, we didn´t even know them before, they just showed up, they are both amazing too, blessings do come to those who work, just in the Lords time, flipping test of paciencia(sorry, i don´t remember how to spell pacience, pacient,pascient?) I heard about all the quakes, but we didn´t feel anything... but the world is ending sometime soon so I am sure we´ll feel something soon.

We meet awesome people every day, even the plumber, he fixed our pipe, and now we are going to go teach him, he was way cool, and as we talked to him he let us write his info down, he said we should meet his family. so stoked!!!

Thank you for your prayers and emails.

I love you and pray for you too.


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JoLyn said...

What a cool experience. I had the same thing happen on my mission in Taiwan, where I suddenly understood the Atonement as I explained it to an investigator. Great job, Elder Barry!