Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 May 2010

First a note from Mom...
After loving reminders from Barry fans everywhere I am finally sitting myself down to catch up on "The Mission".
Barry is well. He does receive and appreciate your letters but with only a few hours a week for personal time it's hard to write very many letters. He loves you all, he is so proud of all the many friends who are receiving mission calls and every time we tell him another friend has sent in their papers he says two things: 1."He'll be a great missionary!" and 2."Maybe he'll come to Uruguay and I can be his trainer."

And now a word from our Barry:

May 3, 2010
Hi Mom!!!
I heard AB is going on a mission. He will be a flipping awesome missionary.
I got two packages from the fam today... I am so excited for lucky charms, also food!!!!! Stufffffiiinnnngngggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, and the watch too, wooo!!! It was a great day, I also got socks and orange tictacs (Juno reference) from K, please tell her I love her.
So the phone call, my turn is at 2 oclock here.
Hey thank you so much for being a good mommy... I am stoked to talk on Sunday.....
I love you a ton
Elder Barry

Hey Dad,
Usually the buses here are nice charter bus type things. but the one we took from The Stones to Deo was way junky and a super bumpy ride. I had to stand up for the first half, because the seats were full, so it was like the secret recipe for a yakk attack.

I am so jealous about your excursion into Seattle, I miss music like crazy, me and the Canadian elder, Elder C and I went to a music store in the bus station and just looked, wow it really took me back to the olden days, they had tons of American music.
I remember 5th grader night at the Middle School like it was yesterday, I still wasn´t even sure if I was going to MMS yet, but they had root beer floats so obviously I choose there, haha just kidding.

That is so cool about chin and NF sending in their papers, its so weird to hear though, it makes me feel so old, chin is almost a whole year younger than me...

Hey peace out Dad, I love you and miss you a ton
Elder Jacobsen

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