Friday, July 30, 2010

10 May 2010

Hi Mommy!!!
I can´t believe you guys have been married for so dang long, I wish I could get a nice pastry at Holly B´s, even healthy American food sounds good to me right now. That is so awesome that you have a cool husband who calls audibles, and even more cool that you know what an audible is... my wife has gotta understand football terms, that's probably the number one quality I am looking for... hahaha.

This week the goal for our district was to find new investigators, so that is what me and the c-inator did, we found 11 new people to teach this week, super tight. My comp is really good at just teaching kinda right from the beginning, like almost not letting them say no at all.

I bought a coat today for to be warm, that's my crappy Latino English, for to be warm.
Well I love you a butt load (how many guys fit in a butt load- Brother Roberts) talk to y'all in a week.
Elder b'moneyizzle

Hey Dad~
C is going to Minnesota, crazy!!! I guess in 2 years I will just have to do a road trip to visit him... uhhh that was a joke.

DC should be awesome though, tell Barack I say wassup. That's so crazy... you can take my Barack Obama bobblehead with you if you want... how long are you there, I heard that there is some super gnarly stuff there...
I love y'all tons, it was great to talk.
Elder Barry
PS we played soccer with the young men this morning, and I am getting better, I think I could go pro in the states when I get back, DAVID BECKHAM WHO????

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