Monday, February 8, 2010

Teaching and Rain

Barry displaying Duct Tape Christmas gifts from the family:
Book cover, wallet, glasses case, pocket protector, and... Tie!
All handmade by those who love him best!

This week was kind of rough, we worked hard, but nowhere near as much success. It rained, hard. This place floods like mad too. We went through this neighborhood, and there was a big old lake where we had to cross the road. so, we skipped rocks with the kids that were there, then got their addresses and invited them to church, hahaha not slackers!

Yesterday it was raining soooo hard! We put our backpacks under our coats and ran from place to place because the rain gives us energy, and because it was pouring so hard. There was seriously rivers in the streets, I wish that I had had my camera...Haven´t gotten the jersey yet, but I'll send a picture of it home when I do.

WE FOUND S. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the way home from emailing you guys last week we ran into him, set up an appointment for a lesson, and had it. But then, he came to church too!!!!! I was right he hadn't quit smoking, so figured he couldn´t come to church. but we invited him and he came. I even gave him the 1960 edition of the Bible we had in our house because he was worried he didn´t have one. He is still lowering his smoking too, he is down from 4 boxes to 12 cigarettes a day.
He is so honest and real I love it. We set a new date with him and he is really excited. His new date for baptizm is the 27th of February. That day we are having a baptizm together as a zone. Everybody is going to bring one person to the Stake Center to baptize and we´ll all be there and it will be super spiritual. I am so stoked. When we were talking to S I could picture him there dressed in white at our big baptizm, and I felt the Spirit so strong at that point, it was brilliant. Thank you so much for your prayers for him.
That is crazy about Brother, uh, Bishop K. That is crazy. Things are about to be shaken up over there. I think he could do good though, that area kind of needed some renovation hardy har har. The foothills park ward! No way that is awesome. Is bishop still the bishop? That is so crazy that they changed it! That's exciting too.
My spanish is improving a lot. I can understand people really well, usually, but speaking I´m slow, but I can communicate what I want to say. We bought hats that we are allowed to wear tracting!!! I think we are allowed to because there is like a hole in the ozone here, everyone always tells us to, so we finally bought them today. They are country folk hats, not cowboy hats, but probably still shouldn´t tell dad. The rule is that we can wear these kind of hats, but not baseball hats, or I would be all over it hahaha. It also keep water out so I´m stoked because it has rained all week here, and when it rains it pours. But the Columbia coat is perfect. I stay 100% dry underneath it. I love it and it doesn´t overheat me, because even though it rains, it is still way hot sometimes.


JoLyn said...

great sounds like he is doing so well! What a good missionary!

Mama Cass said...

Yay! Pictures!!!