Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clapping Houses

We met this way awesome guy the other day out in the boonies.

We were out clapping houses. Clapping houses, that's what we do.

Most people have a gate in front of their house here, and the proper thing to do is stand outide of the gate and clap so the people inside know that you are there. At first I had a greeny clap, weak and kind of girly, but now my clap is manly and strong. Truth be told, the clap is what converts people. they hear my new and improved clap and they´re like, "dang! is that the spirit I feel? I suddenly have a huge urge to go swimming!"

Anyways, the cool guy we met. We were clapping doors, and we saw this sign saying that they were selling ropa "clothes" and the prices were cheap. I figured that the clothes were probably stolen, so we should check it out. So we clapped and this guy B came to the door. He had us come in and look at some clothes. they had a bunch of really cool shirts, all for less than ten dollars American. It was just him and his wife and their little baby boy living there. They are from Ecuador. That means he speaks normal Spanish, not the Castellano that they speak down here in Uruguay. So for me he was really easy to understand, because that's what I learned in school.

They were super nice, and gave us free juice. Then he showed us this jersey he had. It was a Team Uruguay soccer jersey. we were so pumped about that, its the ultimate souvenir. We both ordered jerseys, less than 15 dollars American, and they´ll be here in like a week. And because he was such a legitamate guy, we don´t have to pay until we get them.

Also, we shared a little about the church, and they were actually interested. I was loving life. It's great to see miracles every day. 

It was all in the clap.

Funny quote: "we just met her other personality, I think thats a contact." Elder B the first.The first, because I get a new companion today named, dadadada Elder B! Two Elder B's in a row. Weehoo!


JoLyn said...

Love it! What a good story-teller he is!

Dawn said...

I'm so excited to read more. He writes so much like just -- talking to you. I was reading this morning in the Book of Mormon. I have been marking some scriptures to send sometime to our Elder B. I thought 1 Nephi 4:6 was just like tracting or "clapping." Love to read his letters. Thanks.

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