Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Zone Conference

Hey fam! I finally got the package, and the letters from yáll.

This week was crazy. I am in Montevideo for the second time since my last email. We got to go to the temple! It was so cool, and I could understand most of it, it was in all Spanish. then we had a really cool zone conference with the president, and we got to see a few friends from the MTC that are in the other mission, it was the best ever. Now I am here do do a urine test and a blood test woohoo eh?

I'm in a huge ol´hurry, but the work is moving forward, it is the best, and we set a date in our area too, for S, it's for the 30th. Its that far away because he has to quit smoking, but he really has the desire to, so I think he can do it.

I love you guys a lot. I work hard everyday to make you proud. I sent letters home a few days back.

Love Elder Barry


Dawn said...

I love the new pic - is in Uruguay? I like the time and temp?

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