Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Arrival

It took a week but we now have word of Barry's arrival in Argentina.

The first email:

Hey guys, its Elder Barry. thanks for the letters. i got here safe. its been really intense, but i'm remembering a lot of spanish from class. thursday is my p-day, so thats the only day that i'm allowed to email home on. i get half an hour to do it, there is actually a timer here on the screen. how are you guys doing? i can't believe i'm actually out here on a mission, this is crazy. i got called to be the district leader of our district of five people, but all that really means in the mtc, or ccm, is that i get to go to a meeting 3 times a week and talk with the president about my district. i have two companions, because my original companion decided to be a prodigy and speak spanish fluently, he'll be in uruguay in 2 weeks. this place is pretty cool though.
how is life in the US? i really miss you guys, but it'll all be worth it. is there any way you guys could send me addresses of my friends? i can't believe i forgot to get any before i left.
so the rules about email are that anyone can email me, but i have to write letters back to anyone other than my family.
i really love you guys, have a good week!

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