Thursday, October 29, 2009


Being here in the MTC has been a really spiritual thing for me, we are in class for soo long during the day, at least 8 hours, its crazy. we get so much crammed into our heads, its like a guaranteed headache every night. But it's not like school at all, we all know that we are here for a purpose, to bring people to the gospel. Everyone wants to learn and wants to be focused. We have learned so much Spanish over the past week, and gotten so much scriptural knowledge its unbelievable.

We have so many good classes, this morning we spent a couple hours on the Book of Mormon with the presidents wife and the spirit was so strong there was no way i could ever deny it. The other night we were practicing, in English, the first lesson. At the end, we bore our testimonies of the truth of it. We were just practicing to the other elders in our zone, but at that moment i knew why i was here. It was like my best two years moment.

My companions are pretty cool, we always joke around. On the plane ride here, one of them lost his name tag, we hassled him for days. They can be best friends, and worst enemies, but we all love each other.

The other Elders are really awesome. they have given us lots of tips and really helped to keep my confidence up when I feel like I'm nowhere near ready. I'm so glad I took all that Spanish, bro, you better listen to Señor, you might be grateful someday. Thanks again for the letters mom and sis, I got them yesterday, long time eh? You can tell whoever you want to email me, but letters are much cooler to get :) Well, I just have a short time before I'm kicked off. I love you!

Elder Barry

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Jenny-Jenny said...

I found it. Missionary Training Center in Spanish is Centro de Capacitacion Misional. That's where they get CCM.