Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Sun

Its pretty weird to have already been here for 2 weeks.

I just got the letters from my brother and sisters and dad yesterday, and the date on those was the 17th. It felt like that was just yesterday, but at the same time my life before feels like it hardly even happened. Saying goodbye could have been 2 years ago for all I know. So I guess I'll see you soon hahaha.

Thank you for all your prayers, I need all the help I can get. We went out proselyting last Saturday and it was awesome, but I could really catch only about 40 percent of what the people were saying, and that was the slow people! We get to go tomorrow, I'm so stoked!

We only go for two hours the first two times, but then for the 6 weeks after that we go once a week for 7 hours each time. All the elders came back really sunburnt. Oh yeah, I'm here for 9 weeks.

My companions are pretty chill, we joke a lot, but Spanish is kinda kicking everyone's butts.

Its just getting hotter here. It was like a million degrees and humid today, and we had to wear our suit coats to the temple, one elder wanted to swan dive off the CCM hahaha.

Far away from the equator???? This summer is gonna kill. I will be the tall red gringo kid before the end of January. We get to go out street contacting every weekend, its such a good experience, it made me realize that my Spanish is rather terrible. We gave away 2 Book of Mormons though, and got the address for a lady. She was really interested.

Things here aren't that different. The building is 3 stories tall, with a huge fence all the way around it, but there are fields so its all good. We usually play Concha soccer (on a hard court) and I really stink. I hate soccer. I wrote down what ccm stood for, but i don't know it anymore.

This place is crazy though, most comparable to a prison... I heard a quote and totally agree. Days are like months and months are like days.

I love you. Talk at you later. Mail me pictures!


did they play Moe Vow (sp.)?
they really need him to

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Jessi G said...

Bwahahaha I love that quote "Days are like months and months are like days." Totally applies to college too ;)