Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally! Wednesday Nov. 10

We are having a great week out here! In the last two days we found two families to teach! They both have teenage kids, which will be awesome for the ward because our youth is itty bitty. We talked to a million people last week and now this week we are finally seeing results, it's weird how that works. our goal for the week is to set appointments with everyone, instead of just saying we´ll see you another day. A lot of the time when we are tracting, we don´t set a time to go back and we lose the opportunity of teaching the person. but now our week is jam packed with people to visit, we are also planning better, different parts of the city for different days. Its a blast out here now, and me and my comp are getting along great.

The sister missionaries that share our ward are super good too.

I let them borrow that talk about member missionary work and now we are going to have a ward family night and me and the gringo hermana are going to talk about the social conversion side of missionary work. It should be great. We are going to announce the crap out of it and make sure all 25 active members come to it. We can change the area, I know it. Its super exciting to be here with these hermanas, one of them is a greenie so she has a ton more enthusiasm than most kids, and I always try to out enthusiasm everybody as the district leader. my favorite district leader was elder A, the white kid that lived with me and C, and whenever we had a success he was always more excited about it than we were. I try to learn the names of the other missionary´s investigators. It's exciting business.

I definitely think that my setback would be my severe mental retardation, and how I got over it.... well, the doctors are still working on me. Lets just say I used to be schizophrenic, but now we´re fine. haha

Its so cool to hear about elder C, he seems like a great missionary, I want to be more like him. In my other letters I always hear about him too. We are trying harder now to work with the members here, we don´t have very many, and lots are old people, but we´ll get them excited, just you watch.

love you a lot.

elder Barry

Hi mom sorry I am so late, p day got changed because tomorrow we go to the TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This last week was pretty cool. We found some new investigators, well, 4. It was kind of a bummer, because we did 250 contacts in the week. that is my all time record by a longshot. We almost had this awesome lady L come to church, but she slept in. But yesterday we went and saw her and she is still way cool. She hasn´t eaten for 15 days, so i was a little worried. We offered to make her something but she refused. She just has no desire to eat... but she can really feel the spirit in our lessons with her. She said she feels really peaceful when we come. We had such a great lesson, and now she has a baptismal date for the 27th. The only thing is that we might have to move it back to the 28th so she can go to church 3 times. but she is super excited, she even asked what she has to do before the 27th. I was like, go to church, and EAT!!! She promised she would eat something.

Also this week, we have already found 2 families!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesssssssssssssss!!!!

One of them kinda has issues, but a lot of faith, and the other one is awesome!! We found them last night at like 8 at night. We were trying to fit in like 15 contacts to finish the night off and they let us in and we gave the Restoration lesson and they were super intent. My comp even taught for longer than normal.

Basically, this week is going in the right direction. we already have almost all of the required contacts (140) for the week, and we have found 6 new investigators. Basically, we are stoked out of our minds, but changes are next week, so my comp might be out of here. We´ll see.

I love you a lot mama.

ps i got the halloween package, yay allergy pills and pictures, the family one looks cool!!!

peace out girl scout.

elder b

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