Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Training my first Oro 17 Nov. 2010



Translation... oh my cow I am training a new missionary!

Wow. i figured when change calls came that I was going to stay here as district leader with elder T. false. elder T was transferred to Canelones, an area in our same district, and I am training my own gringo, elder H. He is from Utah, and is a little bit studly. his Spanish is at about the same level as my last comp, and he had 9 months here in guay. The only difference is that my oro (means gold and in this mission newby) doesn´t know the slang from guay yet. It is super exciting, kinda a bummer because I am no longer dl, but so worth it. We are going to blow it up out here, look out san jose, here we come. And no, we have no beaners riding in low riders, Dad.

So they went over a bunch of rules with us today, and I am only allowed to send one email home every week, so from now on I am just going to have to put it all together into one. There was a few things that I had either not realized or forgotten about in the rules lecture... hmmm.

But this week was pretty sweet. we have one investigator, L who came to church this week. She could only stay for relief society, but everyone loved her. She shared the story about the day when me and my comp passed by her house the first time. She was so depressed that day that she had been contemplating suicide, and then we knocked her door, and she decided that she should let us in, that she had been asking for help from God. Then the Mormons came pounding on the door. nuts. Those stories humble me a lot. It was crazy to hear and even hard to believe that I was used as the Lords servant in this situation to help this lady get her life back. it just makes me glad we decided to knock there that day, because if we hadn´t, who knows?

Dad, about working with the members in our area, we are about to have an activity based on that talk you sent me (The Missionary next door), I shared it with the hermanas, and we are basically going to give the talk, with big changes because the people are different here, but it is so simple and amazing, we´re stoked. I`ll keep the members especially in my prayers this week, hopefully the best will come out of it. Of course it will.

I didn´t finish the college application questions yet, I started but I have to revise because my english is terrible, I actually had to look up words in my dictionary in spanish to see what they were in english, flip.

Well, I love you guys a ton, have a great week. Eat pie until you can´t stand up straight, and then eat a couple slices more...

Elder Barry

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