Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

What the heck, since when can the beavers play football?! That's not even a close score, I am so proud of my boys... brings a tear to my eye.

So first off, news for the week. I got sick, again. not super bad, I was able to still work, but I feel a little bit like a pile of trash. but I called the presidents wife and she told me some pills I need to take and got mad at me for drinking tap water. My oro is the cats pajamas, he is a cool kid, and since he is just out of the mtc he is 140% obedient. Its gonna help me out, but it is a big difference. He brings up things that I never even thought about before. it is a good thing I guess, but sometimes I forget that he hasn´t been here for a year too so I need to show him how some things work. His Spanish is pretty solid, he speaks great about the gospel, but when the members or investigators talk to him he kinda just fakes his way through. It reminds me of my times of not understanding people. But I learned a lot from my trainer so I hope my kiddo comes out a superstar, he has potential.

We found a buttload of new people this week, and L is still awesome. She didn´t go to church yesterday because she was sick, but when we talked to her she invited us to come over tonight. Its really cool to see her progress.

We are having the meeting with the ward in a couple of weeks, and president is coming. We set it so far in the future so we could plan it well and announce it so much that everyone knows. But this week I explained it in depth to the bishop and he seems really excited to have it. I am pretty stoked, and my new companion has excitement for the work, so it should help us out a lot.

I miss pie night, you should send me some cheese cake, that is the best. For thanksgiving we are going to get some of us gringos together and maybe have a feast. I doubt that we´ll find turkey, but a chicken works out all right.

Dad, doing a bike race together would be a blast! I am going to have to get used to a good bike first, but that will only take a little bit. Mountain or road would be cool, mostly I just miss riding at all. I always stare longingly at the cyclists here. Its actually a pretty big thing here, we see nerds going down the streets in matching shorts and jerseys all the time.

We are having a lot of success here, I am super excited to be working with my new oro, he is a stud.

I love you guys a ton. Peace!

Elder B

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