Thursday, December 16, 2010

16 Dec. 2010 letter home homie

This week went alright. Started with us losing our 4 best investigators, including L, who was going to get baptized at the end of the month, and this awesome family we thought were super excited. Then at district meeting we had to talk about our investigators and we had basically no one to talk about, so it was super humiliating. From role model to laughing stalk. But then that day we found a new investigator, and a part member family who are amazing, and the next day we set a baptismal date in the first lesson with a guy named A. He is so cool. It made us feel great. We are working our butts off, yesterday we walked around for like 5 hours straight without even sitting down, just because no one was home or we couldn´t get in to a house. But we found some awesome potential investigators. We will see blessings. We have to, I have never been so obedient and worked so much. The bikes are nice. We bought helmets this week, everyone makes fun of us now because no one wears bike helmets, but we are being obedient, so its worth it.

That is so cool about C for Christmas, makes me feel really lame. I hope you find a good place to donate to. I´m sure rabies could use some money. That girl is getting to be a really amazing person. That thing that S wants sounds really cool, and perfect for him.

Shoot, my time is almost up already...

Thank you for sending the water bottle, I am still kinda iffy, but I´ll get better. My oro is good, oh yeah christmas!

my number is ..., plus whatever you have to put to connect to Guay. Also, could you call at 5 oclock here? That is 11 oclock in PST. That would be the best. PS you might want to test it and call the night before, haha jk. maybe.

STP sounds super fun wish i could do it with you.

love you guys.

elder B

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