Monday, December 20, 2010

20 December 2010


Today is the most chill pday ever, we just had one like 4 days ago and we don´t have anywhere we have to go. It is the best. I finally had time to rest and write letters, and, the mission office elders finally gave me the money for a water heater so we get to go buy that next!!! Yay hot water! I don´t know, I might just shower in cold water anyways, I kinda grew attached hahaha.

The Christmas conference was super cool, I got to see my buds, who I realized are now some of my best friends ever, because I have been here for so dang long that home life doesn´t really even exist for me. It was awesome to see all the peeps. Presidents son talked at the end of the meeting, he just got off of his mission in the other side of Uruguay last week, and his talk was so powerful. he put his hand to feel where his nametag would be and said that it is like losing part of you when you can´t wear you tag anymore. He told us to love. Love the people, love your companion, love the mission, because it ends. That was the moment when I realized how great it really is to be here in Guay. I love it. Yeah it sucks to work in the heat and have rejection all day long, but I don´t want to leave. A day off would be nice here and there, but I do not want to leave. until October, then the fun is gone anyways.

Christmas Eve I get home at 1030 here. Then we can stay up and at midnight we are going on the roof for fireworks. I don´t know, that hour and a half could get rather boring while I wait for the fireworks... haha

The guy we found last Tuesday came to church on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome. We had an amazing lesson about eternal families and he even participated, he has a date for the 15th to get baptized, I am so stoked, he so simply believes and accepts the truths of the gospel. He is just so great and you can tell his desire to come unto Christ, best dude ever.

Well I am super excited for Christmas. The call should be tight.

love you guys

elder B

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