Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December 28, 2010

Well, we got the change calls on Sunday night, and I am staying, no surprise there, with elder H. But, I am District Leader again!! Yay. its gonna be super fun because hermana K, the one that talks a lot, is training a gringo this change so I get to call them every night to verify. Its gonna be crazy.

Wwe gave our fireside talk in church on Sunday! It went really well, no one really had big sidebar comments, and the spirit was really strong. I was super happy when it was over, relieved, and happy that it went well with the members, but, our investigator didn´t come to church. We weren´t able to see him yesterday, we even went past twice. I still have a lot of hope in him though.

So yesterday we were supposed to go and reserve the house so that the financiers of the mission could do all the paperwork, but all the lady did was give me a sheet to fill out, and I had none of the needed info. But today we saw the financers at changes and they took it, so within the week we should at least know for sure if we are moving to that house. We got the water back in the baño, luckily, we were suffering and stinky. So there was a gringo hermana here in san jose, but she had been here six months so she is gone and a columbian hermana came in, she is super quiet from what i remember the one time I met her, and so is the sister who was already here, so it sounds like I get to be the one that talks in the ward, woohoo. But columbians are cool, we already know that from Elder C, and it is going to be the best change ever because I decided to have faith and expect success, also, we are tie dying as a district, what could go wrong?!

Well, I think that is about it.

Love you tons
elder B

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