Monday, January 17, 2011

17 Jan 2011

hey fam.

This week was really good. It all started out on like Wednesday or Tuesday we had an amazing lesson with an investigator named N. We have been talking to him for a while. He is a famous painter and his work is amazing. He is really intelligent and has even traveled to Israel. A while back he told us that he was never going to get baptized, and even for a little bit we had dropped him. But on new years day we went back and watched the Restoration with him. Then we watched a video about the right baptism another day. But he was still just kinda interested. But this week we went and we were talking about the Holy Ghost, and that the peace that he felt is an answer from the Holy Ghost, and then he said he feels good often and we talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost, and as I explained he pointed at me and said that I will be the one to baptize him, because I am the son of Jacob. We put a date with him then for the 5th of February. One problem, he smokes, a lot. so a couple day later we went to his house with a member and talked about the word of wisdom. We had already talked to him about it, but this time we went in with the purpose of him never smoking again. He said that he can´t do it. He has tried, but just can´t. So we read Ether 12:27, (And if men come unto me I will show unto them their aweakness. I bgive unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my cgrace is sufficient for all men that dhumble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make eweak things become strong unto them.) and explained that if we realize that we can´t do it and put it all in the Lords hands, He can do it. He accepted. we gave him a priesthood blessing and he was really grateful and willing to do it. Then on Sunday he didn´t come to church. So at 10 my companion and I went to go get him and he said he couldn´t because his friends had called him and said they were coming over so he was stuck. But, he hadn´t smoked anything at all. He also thanked us for the blessing and said he was praying to stay away from the temptation. I am super excited. If he does really well, he can still get baptized the 5th, I really hope so, because changes are the 8th and I really want to see him in white.

The rest of the week went really well. we are working more with the members, and they are getting excited about it. We are going to their houses and giving them challenges too, its exciting, and fun because we do practices with them. Plus with our purification, we have the Spirit more than ever, so our lessons are going much better.

As for goals this year, I want to read the whole missionary library, the whole standard works, our heritage, our search for happiness and true to the faith, and Jesus the Christ. and I want to feel at peace when I finish my mish. But other than that I don´t have any set goals. Maybe something with guitar, like learn a cool rendition of a hymn.

Well, that's about all I got for yáll this week, have fun at mount rose dad, say hi to the rainbow box for me, haha.

love ya

elder B

I can´t believe that quizz is going to the draft!! the beavs are toast this year. Is he supposed to go high? I didn´t think he had much of a future in the nfl, but I only saw like 1 season of him. I got the inserts, they are great, I feel like I am walking on pillows.

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