Thursday, February 10, 2011

24 January 2011

Good old Ms. V. I laughed my head off reading about the concert, but ps, I was never told that D was in band, what instrument does she play, does Ms. V remember little squirt elder b? does she call her her last name!!! when she talks to her? She has to stick with it so I can come visit her band class and see concerts. I assume that the dairy queen tradition is just something that has always happened, but we might have started it. haha I loved band concerts, she stopped us in the middle of a song once, and the tempest was my fave.

Pops you are so lucky to have gone to Reno. Did you go off of the rainbow box? Someday I have to conquer that beast to prove my manliness. I didn't realize that grandpa is 78 years old, that is up on the charts, I bet that there are not that many people out there that old. he has had the discount for a while now. my comp is telling me that I have to learn to ski so i can go to Alta, apparently its the best place in the US to ski, but no boarders allowed. we'll see.

C got rearended, rrrrggh. Dang, I have a feeling that dear old henry is not going to make it til October. Poor guy has been through the mill since I left. Just wait to bury him until I get home.

Well, this week. yeah. this week. hahaha this week was one for the ages. We are doing decently well with the members, like they want to help and we are using them, but I have learned something recently. You have to have people to teach in order to have lessons with members. We have started to challenge the members to share the gospel in different ways, but so far we have no visible results. They always have a person in mind, and they go, and wimp out. I guess we're going to have to take them by the hand and talk to the people. But we did find two people from a reference from the ward grandma the other day. We went over to the house right after she gave us the reference, had a cool lesson, and then set a day to go back. Then the second time we went gramma was gonna go with us, but she refused when we got to the house, because she has issues with the son and he was home. well guess what, the son is cooler than the mom, and more interested in the church. but we still love gramma.

N kinda lost his faith in quitting smoking, he smokes less, but still smokes. He said he won't come to church until he feels ready, and wants to know absolutely everything before his baptism. Basically, he is toast for now. I think he saw the light and then got scared of it. L was sick in bed all week and even had to go to the hospital, but she is doing better now. Wasn't able to go to church. but a guy named C went to church. The Hermanas had been teaching him, but he moved to our area. Today we have our first lesson with him, we are going to challenge him to baptism, we want to have it this Saturday. that would be awesome.

Well, I love you guys a ton, thank you for your emails. have a great week

elder b

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