Thursday, February 10, 2011

7 Feb 2011

hey fam,

Sorry, pday changed back to Monday this week. We still have changes tomorrow, but they gave us pday, woopee. I am out of san jose, goodbye loriders and cholos. i am going back into Montevideo. I am in the same zone as the office elders, but not the same district, but luckily I get to see them every week. I am a district leader over a 4 companionship district, but one of the companionships is the zls. One of the elders in the district is elder W, remember him from the CCM? My new comp is only in his second change, so its a continuation of no Spanish-fest. His name is elder B and I don´t know where the heck in the states he is from, probly utah. I also am in the same zone as president d. cool beans.

You like the blackeyed peas at the super bowl? They were pretty fun when I saw them live. I heard that the packers won, I loved the packers as a kid.

But anyways. this week actually turned out to be really good. There was no murders, and we got two people to go to church. We had good lessons, and we have a bunch of people with baptismal dates. I feel like the area is doing a lot better than when I got here and all we had was T.

We found some awesome new investigators this week, one is named Z and she lives right next to one other investigator, has lived there for 40 years and the missionaries have never talked to her. Its half a block from the church building. She accepted to get baptized on the 5th of march and she came to church. Her 20 year old daughter listens too, but she is super shy and might be afraid of us. That's what happens when you are two flipping attractive elders.

Well we´ll see how the new area goes, I am pretty stoked, they just had like 10 baptisms. But my comp is younger than elder h in the mission, so we might be lost for a while. pray hard. I fasted for C this week. poor kid has to get out now.

Well its late, have a great week i love you guys a ton.

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