Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

Way to go C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And way to go A WOOOOOOOOOO JAPAN!!!!!!!!!
That is so exciting. my comp right now goes to byu-i. He loved it. He is Elder B, and he is awesome. We are way good friends, and he wants to work hard, so we should be great here. The only problem is that we might get along too well, but we made a goal to always have the light off at 1030 because with the light off we only make it like 5 minutes before we fall asleep. He is from Utah, and started the mission almost exactly a year after me, he is my first 2010 graduation companion. He has some work to do on his Spanish, but overall, I'm stoked. And I am a lot less stressed out.

We did a lot of meeting people this week. They had eight baptisms this last few weeks, so they ran out of investigators. We have a few ideas for working with members and doing activities, so I am not worried. Being back close to Montevideo its hard to find new people though. Sadly, we didn't find a single new investigator this week, a few potentials, but nobody solidly taking the lessons. But they did have one investigator named D, and he is awesome, he has come to church like 50 times, or at least thats what he said, and believes in everything, but he doesn't want to get baptized until after his divorce because his wife doesn't believe and sometimes he gets mad and says unchristianlike things to her. we want to work on that a bit.

I still have my guitar, its a little rough to move with, but its worth it. I have been working on some primary songs, they are simple and really fun and a good way to practice reading normal notes. But i haven't played that much lately, except for the time when my companion was sick.
There is this cool couple that work in the temple, the W's, they come to our ward every week, and they hold an English class once a week, Sister W said she would call you guys, I don't know if she has, but they are awesome. My companion was super sick yesterday and so was Sister W, so we had a brother go to stay with my comp in church and me and Elder W were companions at church. Then came the duties. I had to teach the investigators/new members class, bless the sacrament and introduce myself in sacrament meeting. The lesson was only three pages long in the manual, so I had to freestyle, but I think it went alright, it was about the Savior, so its not hard for a missionary to freestyle.

elder b

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