Thursday, February 10, 2011

31 Jan 2011

Hey. We had a pretty good week, we found 11 new investigators, which should be some kind of record for this area. But we were short on lessons with member and no one came to church :(. But whatevs, can´t win them all, or was it at all? Next week are changes, so I won´t write until Tuesday, I am thinking that I am gone, but there is also a chance they switch out my comp, that's what they did to the beaner(elder P) when he trained. As for my reading, I am in Exodus 5 or 6, but I am also reading Doctrine and Covenants and I am in section 40.

That is so cool that nopster is in band and that Ms. V is still there, I miss those days. Of course D would play flute, either flute or tuba, hahaha. C has an awesome schedule, you are a lucky dog to get C and S in the same day, I only got that when I visited debate class senior year. Although it is a bummer that she never got Kromillionaire, that would be the bomb. Sam has my sophomore pe teacher, and make sure he knows that the choir teacher is like a pro ultimate player. I am so jealous of dad and his gang, doing the stp, I wish I could be there. we have bikes right now but they are garbage, my front brake doesn´t even exist and the back one rubs when you want to go fast and doesn´t do anything when you want to stop. good thing i bought construction worker shoes, they make excellent brakes...

so this week we talked a lot with C. he is a guy who has come to church quite a few times already and had a few lessons. The only problem is that his work schedule is suuuuper hectic. We set a date to baptize him this Saturday, but he wasn´t able to come to church yesterday so we are moving it back a week. Quite the bummer, but at least he still wants to get baptized. Basically, we are going to do a rehaul of the area this week. our old investigators aren´t really progressing, So, we´ll have frank discussions with them, and see if they want to get it together, and start up with our new investigators, we have a lot of hope in a few of them. this could be a great week.

haha my comp bought these doctrine and covenants dvds at the distribution center and the guy that plays Heber C Kimball looks just like Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords, I don´t know if you remember that show, but its hard for me not to laugh, he even has the goofy big sideburns. haha there is a missionary that just got home this week who served in cuerna vaca mexico, him getting home makes me SO TRUNKY its ridiculous. we had lunch with his family today and he shared some grasshoppers with us, que rico.

hey is kessin putting in his papers soon? I hope he comes here, then I could train him, that would be tight.

well have a good week

love ya

elder b

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