Thursday, September 30, 2010

12 Sep. 2010

We found 6 new investigators on Saturday night, and 4 of them said they would be baptized in October. So basically it was like a miracle to make up for a cruddy situation. hehe I love the word crud.
Also I got the amazing package, the best ever!!!! I am loved, also I got hymn books from the grandparents, they had no idea how much I needed those, lifesavers.

Well I love you a ton mamma, I attached pictures, hope they work.

Wow, D loves ms S, good, because that lady is awesome, have D say hi for me, if Ms. S still remembers me...

And S is in Latin, dang! genious.
and CEDGPJ Jr. the third is in Sherry`s class, rock on with sherr bear!

Wow, Dad that is awesome that you got to bless the sacrament, I got to do that in my first area, but since then I never got the chance again, I loved doing that as a priest, I didn't realize the importance of it before, but it was still a good feeling. Sounds like you are still in the old man closet, Dad. Sometimes you just have to embrace being an old guy, just think about it, soon enough you`ll be able to wear suspenders and loafers without people looking at you weird. I envy you. you should probably get a huge pair of glasses and always have them hanging around your neck in case you have to read anything again haha.

I miss the temple sooooo much, but this week as a zone activity we got to go clean it. One of the best experiences of my life. It was mostly just dusting and vacuuming rooms, but the Spirit was super strong, I felt great. Then when we finished we just sat there in awe and enjoyed the moment, then I got my birthday package. Basically the best first half of a pday ever in the history of pdays. Then, we went home to eat, and my comp got super sick. He was stuck in bed all night, hence the no email yesterday. Today he is a bit better, but seeing as it is raining (again!) we will probably take it a little easy today, the rain really kills him. He had to spend the whole winter inside when he lived in Utah, because the cold activates his asthma. poor kid... I`d rather not have him faint on me, I know how to use an inhaler, but I`d rather not have to force feed it to a half conscience Mexican American. haha i called him beaner and it didn`t even bother him, he thinks it is hilarious, in fact, he makes more jokes than anyone else. We were labeling milk the other day and I gave him another nickname, he didn`t like that much. But we get along really well, I am so much happier now, regardless of this crappy weather of late.

Everything will work out if we have faith. Keep praying and hopefully we can get a couple baptisms this month.

Thank you for your words Dad.
Have a good week.
Tomorrow I turn 11 months old!!!
Love you a lot
elder Barry

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