Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept. 6, 2010

Wow that was weird to see all of my friends on that facebook thing. (We copied Barry's facebook page on his birthday and sent it to him. Thanks to so many friends who remembered him on his big day.)

YAY C AND C!!!!!! They are both going to speak Spanish but aren´t going to understand each other, because the accents are so ridiculously different, no, they´ll understand each other just fine, just a couple words are different, that is so cool, there is a family in our ward who lived in Chile for 7 years so the son has a pretty bad accent hehe.

I got the package with the music and the shorts, with shoes etc, then I got the consider yourself hugged thing, thanks!!

This week was really hard, it rained 5 days straight, cold windy rain, I wanted to cry all the time, I got kinda sick too, so overall from Wednesday on, life sucked. But our bishop gave us the goal of 8 baptisms this month and on Monday and Tuesday we found 8 new investigators, perfect, it sure helps that we decided to try to have faith in the man. because no one in the ward really does, his son was like, my dads crazy! when we told him about the goal, but it could happen. but now its sunny and hot like the summer, so life is good.

btw tell the L family thanks for the package!
I love you so much mom, you are the best ever, I wouldn´t be where I am now without a mom as special as you.

Love you guys tons, Elder B

P.S. I am gonna miss that dog. Thanks for writing me about it.

Love Barry

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