Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 30, 2010


For our baptizm, one lady told me no she wouldn´t give a talk, so she made me ask her son, super funny, and way awkward, but he did a good job.

Yeah the weather is getting a lot better, I was afraid it was just a pineapple express, but it looks like it is here to stay, I have even been able to work in short sleeves a couple of times.

As for Friday... you should probably eat stuff that they don´t have here, like chimis or real pizza, with black cherry soda or root beer, or anything with cheddar cheese, haven´t seen that here. And confetti cake.

Well, the baptism was the best ever, the lady we had give a talk on the spirit did a great job, she talked about who the spirit is, his function, and then the difference between the influence of the spirit and the gift of the holy ghost... I was impressed, she has only been a member just over a year, Saturday her husband got baptized. But he had a good example from her, she is the young women's president for the ward, and the music director in sacrament meeting.

Way cool
love you mama
elder B


That song we sang is a hymn, called Oíd el Toque del Clarín, and it is only in spanish and its one of my faves.

Nylon strings on a guitar kind of stink, but its super easy on your fingers. I like metal strings, sound better, but for now nylon is totally cool, plus its more Uruguayan.

For my bday you have to eat confetti cake and good American food. or Mexican food, because spicy doesn´t exist here at all.

Having a Mexican American comp is the best thing to ever happen to me, I get to learn Mexican things all day long, and he loves Nachoooooooooooooo Libre! plus my accent is already becoming Mexican(in Spanish) because he hasn´t lost his Mexican-ness. He has no accent in English at all, because he lived in Utah for half of his life, he actually went to the same superhuman highschool that cousin S went to. shveet.

Thank you for the Mexican American lyrics, they will come in handy at random times. Hopefully I get to stay his comp for 2 changes so we can celebrate hitting a year in the mission together. That would be tight, we are already planning.

I just started reading Jesus the Christ, it is a hard read, but it is so interesting and good. it also helps me in lessons. Also I am reading doctrine and covenants and preach my gospel cover to cover in spanish, so I am pretty excited. There is so much in Jesus the Christ, it just reaffirms how perfect our Heavenly Father´s plan is. This morning I was reading about the need for a Savior, and wow, the church is true, thats all I've gotta say.

Have a good week, tell the kids haha because they have to go to school next week. enjoy the rain!
love you tons

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