Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sep.21, 2010

I am excited to drive Henry (the family kid car), him and I had a very good relationship, best friends forever. Actually he was my first love, so I can never forget him. but I treated him right haha.

It was hard without a pday, but it was alright... the kid who was going to work with me bailed so he could go to super seminario(yeah thats really how you say seminary in spanish) so i just worked with elder young and an elder from the area across the highway, elder colvin.
GO BEAVS!!!! who is the QB this year?

It is super weird knowing that people pray for me, it makes me feel amazing and it makes me feel like I need to work 100 times harder. so I try to. I love bishop a ton.

haha I just saw a guy outside and his shirt said ¨make love not babies¨ I laughed my head off.
It was in English so guaranteed he has no idea what it says.

You´re right, it is really hard to see the fruits of what I have done, and I don´t want to look at the trees yet, I´m good being right in the middle of the forest.

Last night, we were walking down the street and we saw one of our less active members, C, 60 something years old, just standing out on the street corner. Just chilling. this guy has serious mental issues, just because aging has taken its toll on him, he has had like 2 or 3 strokes, so he's basically just boppin around without knowing what is going on. He told us he was out waiting for his wife to come home from work. His poor wife works like crazy all day long so she can provide for the two of them and buy his medications, and then when she gets home, all she ever does is basically babysit her husband.

It has been so hard for her lately that she told us she has even thought about suicide. so yesterday we see C and go talk to him. While we were talking, I told him we loved him, and he almost cried, his wife has lost all patience, I don´t think he hears that very much. Then the crazy next door neighbor lady came out and told us all this mean stuff about him and told us he had escaped 2 or 3 times already that day and gone out to the highway. He started to walk away and she just told us to let him go, because he isn´t worth saving, or something ridiculous like that. I could have punched something... so then I ran around the corner, hopped his fence(he had locked th gate but left the door wide open) closed the door, and then we went out to grab him and brought him back home. He told us he was going to his grandma´s house. but we brought him home and we talked for a bit, just to distract him. (we gave the cat a middle name because it only had a first name. I pretended like it was a big deal so he would be focused on the distraction. hehe)

Then the wife got home and just started going off on him... it hurt me to hear her yelling at him, he is so innocent and not in control of himself. Then she went into the kitchen to make him milk. I said a little personal prayer for them, and to know what to do. I was prompted to go help her. I went in and she was crying. then I knew that I should ask if I could give her a blessing, because this is just as hard for her as it is for him, if not harder. She said yeah. Then she couldn´t get him to take his pills so she gave them to me, and I ´knew´ exactly what to say to get him to take them. Then I gave her the blessing. I said things in that blessing that I hadn´t even thought of before, as I was giving the blessing, it was as if I understood the situation perfectly, and my spanish came out really smoothly. Blessings are given in a form of Spanish that we don´t usually use as missionaries, but it came out easily. then we told them we love them, and left. I know that that blessing will make a difference in this problem, not because I have confidence in me, but because I know that it was the Lord whose power I have and it was He who put the words in my mouth.

Well, I love you a lot Dad
Elder B

That is cool that the missionaries did service at the house this week, they could just do my Saturday jobs for me every week... I love Venid a Mi!!! (Come Follow Me) it is a great song in Spanish. I am glad you guys get to hear it now the way I hear it all the time. it is going to be really weird singing in English in two years when I get home. man you´re right, this week back home sucked. Our week was good, other than the five investigators we lost, we had a good time. I love my companion, I hope we get to stay together next change, we have fun all the time, and our numbers are good. except for finding new investigators, we only found one in all of last week, that means that out of the 150 new people we talked to, one let us in and we have an appointment to go back and teach him. He is a cool dude and bought us soda, but that fact is super depressing. but at least we enjoy the work, six weeks ago I couldn´t have told you that.

quote of the week!!!
I´m not a beaner without my beanie. elder P
deep quote!!!
no estamos hablando con numeros, estamos hablando con almas.
We aren´t talking with numbers, we are talking with souls.
by elder S, the district leader

I love you mom.
talk to you next Monday.

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